Naya Nepal |Nepali Movie |Watch Online

Naya Nepal |Nepali Movie |Watch Online

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NEW NEPALI MOVIE NAYA NEPAL  is the one of popular Nepali movies starred by  BIRAJ BHATT  which is produced by DSF movie Production.  Biraj Bhatt is one of the hits Nepali movie actors in the Nepali movie industry.

The” Naya Nepal” Nepali movie is written by Kishor Dhakal and directed by Kshmata Dhakal.

Naya Nepal Movie is one of the Nepali Action movies and now this movie can be watched online on Youtube.

Naya Nepal |Nepali Movie |Watch Online

Naya Bihani Lyaunu Chha – Naya Nepal Nepali Movie Song

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