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FULL STOP Thriller Nepali Movie | SABIN SHRESTHA , binita baral

Nepali Movie Full Stop is 2014 movie . The movie is  Starring  Binita Baral, Sabin Shrestha, Kamal Krishna Poudel, Gajendra Ranjit etc. This Full STOP Nepali movie is directed by Kamal Krishna Poudel and the Producer is  Mohan Krishna Shrestha and Gajendra Ranjit .’Full Stop’ is a thriller nepali movie presented by Benijyoti Gubhaju for Mata Manakamana Films Pvt. Ltd.

Nepali movies are best movies to watch. This nepali movie full stop is one of the good nepali movie you will enjoy to watch . You can watch this movie online now.  This is 2014 nepali movie . The movie is shared form youtube nepali movie .

Keep Loving Nepali Music and Movies!!!!

Watch FULL STOP Thriller Nepali Movie ONline



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