Things that Make the Kashmir great lakes trek the greatest

Things that Make the Kashmir great lakes trek the greatest

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kashmir great lakes trek is one of the great travel destination to make trek on your vacation time.  The great lakes are alluring and enjoying making your life with purity.


Introduction :Kashmir great lakes trek

The Great Lakes of Kashmir trip is among India’s finest picturesque. Without a doubt. It validates Kashmir’s renowned status as “heaven on earth.”

Kashmir great lakes trek

This is due to the expedition being placed in a significantly bigger frame. It is 75 kilometers northeast of Srinagar. A 360° picture of untamed, craggy peaks, grassy pastures, and azure mountain lakes greets you nearly every day. And there are far more than seven of all these lakes to discover, as well as five separate valleys!

Difficulty level of the Kashmir great Lakes trek

It’s a six-day moderate-difficult hike because of the variety of terrain. This entails full hours of hiking, severe climbs and downhills, and no convenient departure locations. As a result, it’s not suitable for someone that has never done a high-altitude hike before.

Despite saying as much, the difficulties are well worth the time and effort. Every day is picture-perfect, with a fresh alpine lake to enjoy. The snowy spots that nourish those lakes make them much more beautiful. You can watch them slipping through into lakes from the jagged hills.

View of the trek

On occasion, milky white ice sheets can be seen drifting on the lake’s huge turquoise expanse during the Kashmir great lakes trek time.

Then there are the Kashmiri pastures. These fields occur in all shapes and dimensions, and there are often several in a single day.

These fields sprout clusters of maple and pine like that of a paradise on the initial day. They plummet down a hill to a broad valley wherein horses roam and sheep feed on the second day. Blossoms flower profusely on the third day, immediately underneath the Gadsar pass, in these fields. The verdant plains of Satsar seem almost groomed on the fourth day, with such a glittering river floating through all of it.

Every subsequent walk feels like a film on a little monitor after this one. The walk to the Great Lakes of Kashmir, on the other hand, is an IMAX 3D encounter due to its majesty. Add this journey on your list of places to visit if you haven’t already!


Quick and short itinerary :


DAY 1: From Srinagar to Shitkadi via car

It’ll take you three hours to get there. Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk, close to Flourmill, Srinagar, would provide transportation at 1.30 p.m.

Taxi fare: Rs. 2,500 for a 5-seater. To be provided to the driver immediately.


DAY 2: Nichnai to Shitkadi

Trip length: 11.6 km | time to complete: 6.5 hours

Increase in average elevation: 7,780 feet to 11,838 feet

Moderately difficult trek. Three hours of severe rise accompanied by an hour of down. A gradual climb to Nichnai takes the remaining two hours.


DAY 3: Vishnusar to Nichnai

Trip length: 13.5 km | time required: 7 hours

Change in average elevation: 11,838 feet to 12,011 feet

Moderately difficult trek. After 1.5 hours of moderate climbing, the trek to the pass takes an hour. A sharp drop for almost an hour over the pass, then a straight hike.


Vishnusar to Gadsar via Gadsar Pass, Day 4

16-kilometer hike | 7.5 hours in length

Increase in average elevation: 12,011 feet to 13,850 feet to 12,200 feet

Moderately difficult trek. 1.5-2 hours of severe climb, 1 hour of hard downhill, then a gradual transition to a flat stroll.


Day 5: Gadsar to Satsar

Hike length: 11.5 km | time to complete: 4.5 hours

Decrease of average elevation: 12,200 ft to 12,100 ft

Moderately difficult trek. A hard rise of 1.5 hours is succeeded by a flat trek.


DAY 6: Gangabal to Satsar

9-kilometer hike with a 6-hour duration

Change of average elevation: 12,100 ft to 11,651 feet

Difficulty level of trek. 30 minutes of gentle elevation, followed by 45 minutes of severe climb and finally a steep drop. Throughout, the trail is alternately climbing and lowering.


DAY 7: Naranag to Gangabal.

In order to get to Srinagar, you must first travel there.

13-kilometer hike | 6 hours in length

Loss of elevation: 11,651 feet to 7,450 feet

Moderately difficult climb. For the first 6 kilometers, there is a mixture of climbs and downhills, accompanied by an extremely severe drop all the way back down.

Take the road to Srinagar. Taxi fare: Rs 2,500 every 5- or 6-seater taxi, payable to the driver. By 6 p.m., you’ve arrived in Srinagar.


And then finally the Buffer Day (Day 8)


Kashmir great lakes trek are enjoyable with your friends and famaily .




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