Things to do during Ramanagara Trek


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Ramanagara Trek for your vacation trip with your friend to enjoy more and explore the thrilling life event. 


Set up a camp trip with a group of your friends, assuming you’re just starting out. As a result, you could be practicing your basic skills to be able to make it through, and also look into the equipment you use to set up camp.

One thing you don’t want to be doing is trying to master the subject quickly, since it is more likely to not ruin your trip to Ramanagara. Even if you’re not a professional, we’ve made sure that you do not miss out on anything .

Ramanagara Trek
Ramanagara Trek

That is the reason we’ve written this guideline to help prepare for this wonderful adventure and all the activities you’ll need to do there.

Introduction and location

Ramanagara is one of 31 regional areas in Karnataka state, which is located in the south of India. Ramanagara City is the authoritative regional base camp. It is the most important location to the Bengaluru Division.

Ramanagara is situated at a distance of fifty kilometers from Bangalore city. It was previously known as “Closepet”. Then it was changed to Ramanagara that stemmed from Ramagiri hill, which is close to the city.


Below are a few places that you should visit on you Ramanagra trek.


Rock Climbing on the famous hill, dubbed the hill of Sholay

When you get to this location, there will be plenty of people talking about this topic.

In the context of a sluggish area and a place of slumber, this region Ramadevara Betta Hills acquired a significant amount of attention due to the numerous filming that took place over the course of time.

It is located within Sugganahalli located in the Ramanagara region, about 48 kms from Bangalore the hill came to prominence when it was used as Gabbar Singh’s hideaway in the film ‘Sholay’.

From that time onward, these Ramanagara slopes became called Sholay Hill. The area was named Ramanagara as well as Ramgarh in the movie. Ramadevara Betta Hills likewise fills with the potential to be the ideal location to rock climb or trek in Ramanagara. It is possible to take selfies and photographs to keep a record of this beautiful place.


Ramanagara Silk Cocoon market

The Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market is among Asia’s biggest cocoon markets, situated at Ijoor, Ramanagara district, 40 km away from Bangalore. Every day, 50k metric tons of freshly-cultivated cocoons are sold in this market.

The market is spread over an area of two acres and is a great spot to look for the traditional silk paintings. Visitors can also visit the local silk industry or browse the market to observe the traders selling cocoons. The Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market can be held all hours of the day, and admission is free of cost.


Ramadevara Betta Vulture sanctuary

The Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary is located on the top of Ramadevara Betta, close to the Sri Pattabhi Rama Temple. This is an important place to visit in Ramanagara. You can see 3 of the nine Indian species of vulture in your own backyard.

The species is, unfortunately, almost gone. While the vulture refuge was rehabilitated in 2012, the long-charged white-supported as well as Egyptian Vultures are resting in the Ramanagara Betta for a considerable period of time.


Ramanagara adventure camping activities

The best aspect of camping. Tents in the tents, sitting next to the bonfire and enjoying delicious meals and gazing at the stars.

The water volleyball game, Jumbo volleyball, Jumbo cricket Football, Raft Building The Jungle Survival as well as Pyramid Building. These are just a few of the other games that are available. In Camp, guests can paddle or kayak on the lake, or swim in the clear waters or engage in outdoor adventure activities such as ziplining and archery in accordance with the available time.


Night trekking

If you’re wondering, I’d like to remind you that you are not only able to just enjoy the place in daylight, but also in the moonlight. As serene and beautiful you can find it in the early morning, it’s serene at night.

If you love trekking then Uttari betta trek is also a nice option for you.


There are numerous local visit establishments that offer day excursions and climbs. However in the evening, you are able to experience the splendor of nature when you’re forced to look at the standard of conduct in front of you.

You can gaze upon the magnificent stars in the sky while you walk through the haze. It is also possible to camp with a large fire to keep warm as you relax in the natural world.

For those who want to spend the night to get more adventurous are able to go to The Sri Revana Siddeshwara Betta (SRS slopes) which is famous for its activities in rock climbing and rappelling.


The trip to these spots is worth it, and you’ll never regret it. Even though it will require some effort climbing up the rock and getting to the top, the end result is stunning and breathtaking.

I hope these sites will help you organize your Ramanagra journey so that you can have fun and enjoy the most enjoyable time of your life.





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