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Discover the Finest Accommodations: 5 Star Hotels in Vasant Kunj and Luxury Hotels in New Delhi

The Grand New Delhi
5 Star Hotels In Vasant Kunj And Luxury Hotels In New Delhi
The Grand New Delhi -5 Star Hotels In Vasant Kunj And Luxury Hotels In New Delhi

New Delhi is the pulsating capital of India and it can be said that the spirit of the old mixing with the spirit of the new is very evident here.

Whether you are in town for work or personal reasons, including tourism to uncover and appreciate the city’s cultural origin, the hospitality industry welcomes and spoils you with adequate comfort and luxury.

Now among all the neighbourhoods in New Delhi, the remarkable one is Vasant Kunj which has eclectic elegance and close location to many attractions. This guide will look at the top rated 5 star hotels in Vasant Kunj and other five-star hotels in New Delhi to assist you in coming up with the right accommodation during your visit.

5 star hotel in Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj is among the elite residential areas in New Delhi; people describe it as extremely calm, and it comprises numerous luxurious apartments. It is also host to some of the city’s best 5-star hotels, intended for the kind of traveller that wants more than luxury, he or she wants comfort too.

1. The Grand New Delhi

A world-class 5-star hotel, The Grand New Delhi amongst the best hotels in Vasant Kunj, provides the guests with luxury at its best. This hotel is surrounded by greenery giving the feel of a peaceful environment but at the same is easily accessible to the airport and the tourist attractions.

Rooms and Suites: The Grand has lovely-looking rooms and luxurious suites which are equipped with modern-day comforts.

Dining: This hotel has diverse restaurants and speciality food options such as Caraway, a restaurant that prepares Main North Indian Foods; and Cascades, which prepares both national and international Foods among other Restaurants.

Facilities: Some of the amenities that the guests can make use of are spas, gyms, swimming pools and there are luxurious banquet and conference facilities.

2. Jaypee Vasant Continental

Customers can also go for Jaypee Vasant Continental among 5 star hotels in Vasant Kunj which is famous for its homely services and spacey rooms. The hotel is well situated in a very convenient place to support the corporate clients and the tourists as well.

Rooms and Suites: The hotel has large, luxurious rooms and suites with modern design and the latest in technology.

Dining: Customers can enjoy a meal in the hotel’s restaurants such as Paatra for Indian dishes and Eggspectation for different courses of meal.

Facilities: Facilities and amenities provided at the Jaypee Vasant Continental are a Spa, Gymnasium, Swimming pool, and state-of-the-art Business facilities.

3. Andaz Delhi

Situated in New Delhi, Andaz Delhi is one of the exceptional HyHyattrands that offer innovative design, personalised services and an outstanding level of luxury. This hotel is situated in the vicinity of Vasant Kunj and caters for those who want to get acquainted with New Delhi in comfort.

Rooms and Suites: Andaz Delhi is equipped with large accommodation units and ArArtworknd Contemporary Facilities to enhance the guests’ experience.

Dining: It incorporates several eating joints; AnnaMaya, a European food hall, and The Hong Kong Club, which is a Cantonese restaurant.

Facilities: The amenities available at this hotel consist of a spa, gymnasium, swimming pool, and distinctive meeting/banquet areas.

New Delhi five-star hotels

Delhi has a huge number of fifive-starotels giving accommodation and services to the ranging tourist population. They can range from old buildings that look like a true part of heritage to modern stylistic hospitality facilities.

1. The Leela Palace New Delhi is an example of contemporary luxury that spans several disciplines: it is a luxury hotel that resonates with the splendour of a kingdom in a palace-like grandeur, a shopping mall as well as a popular nightclub.

Named one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in New Delhi, The Leela Palace has created a tradition to harmonise the ancient Indian way of receiving guests and modern technology. This hotel is in the Diplomatic Enclave; most of the leaders and famous personalities spend their vacations here.

Rooms and Suites: The Leela Palace has pleasantly luxurious guest rooms and luxurious suites, decorated in a rather luxurious manner and equipped with all the modern conveniences.

Dining: It features some of the best restaurants including Le Cirque restaurant offering French-Italian food and Jamavar offering Indian food.

Facilities: Try a wellness centre, gym, and swimming pool, as well as exquisite, banquet and conference facilities for a guest.

2. The Taj Mahal Hotel

Located in New Delhi, The Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the best fifive-starotels beaming with classic beauty and professionalism. This hotel is situated at a strategic point in the city whereby there is close contact with prominent tourist destinations together with the business districts.

Rooms and Suites: The Taj Mahal Hotel has beautiful rooms and suites that are adorned with Indian opulence and all the facilities of a contemporary world.

Dining: The hotel offers the Varq restaurant which offers Indian food, and Wasabi by Morimoto which offers Japanese food.

Facilities: Apart from comfortable accommodation, guests are offered the possibility to use the SPA, a fitness centre, a swimming pool and a modern complex of conference and business facilities.

3. The Oberoi, New Delhi

One of the best five-star luxury hotels in Delhi is The Oberoi, New Delhi offering fantastic services and splendid rooms. Preet offers lodging in the hotel situated close to the city’s business area, with beautiful views of the Delhi Golf Course and Humayun’s Tomb.

Rooms and Suites: The Oberoi has well-decorated rooms and suites with all the contemporary comforts of city and seaside views.

Dining: Some of the eating outlets include Omya, which is an Indian food outlet and Baochuan, an outlet that deals in Chinese foods.

Facilities: As for the physical environment, there is a spa, a gym, a swimming pool and sophisticated multi-purpose halls.

There are several luxury hotels in New Delhi like the Imperial Hotel, The Trident, the Taj Palace Hotel, the Nruthi Mahal Hotel and so many more.

Apart from the five-starters, New Delhi boasts of luxurious hotels with efficient services and all-round facilities. These hotels will be suitable for those intending to explore the historic and contemporary side of this city while in style.

1. The Imperial, New Delhi

The Imperial is a heritage character property and one of the finest five-star hotels located in New Delhi. This hotel prides itself on wionolonial-styled structures with interior touches and amenities that one can associate with the palaces.

Rooms and Suites: The Imperial has very large Rooms and Suites with beautiful Ambience and Modern Facilities.

Dining: It contains two restaurants; The Spice Route specialising in Southeast Asian food and 1911 Restaurant which serves international food.

Facilities: There are comforts such as a spa, fitness and swimming pool and well-maintained gardens and lawns.

2. ITC Maurya

Being a part of the ITC hotel group, ITC Maurya is a splendid hotel that combines classic Indian hospitality with modern-day comfort. Being one of the hotels situated in the Diplomatic Enclave it is preferred by both – businessmen and tourists.

Rooms and Suites: The natural accommodation partner for any business event would be ITC Maurya where rooms and suites are tastefully done with contemporary comforts and bespoke services.

Dining: Some of the eating joints include the North-West Frontier restaurant named Bukhara and the Awadhi restaurant named Dum Pukht.

Facilities: They can also indulge themselves in a fitness centre, pool and high-end business with state of art business meeting facilities.

3. The Lodhi

It is a new luxurious hotel with large rooms, The Lodhi Hotel is the epitome of modern infrastructure. This hotel is just a few steps from the noisy attractions of the city and situated close to Lodi Gardens.

Rooms and Suites: The amenities in the Lodhi are contemporary and luxurious with a wide range of rooms and suites with plunge pools.

Dining: There are several restaurants some of which are Elan where guests can get international foods and the Indian Accent offers new spins to Indian foods.

Facilities: Some of the amenities include; a spa, a fitness room, a swimming pool and a Tea tennis court.

Delhi’s finest 5-star Hotels.

Talking about luxury five-star hotels in New Delhi, one will find vast choices that comply with the demands of visitors. These hotels offer guests that exquisite touch of luxury, comfort, and accessibility, which are suitable for both commercial and vacation purposes.

1. The Roseate

Boasting bee of the best five-star luxury hotels in Delhi, The Roseate is a calm and quiet haven in a very vibrant city. Lying in the lap of greenery, this hotel provides a relaxing holiday with its plush rooms and facilities.

Rooms and Suites: The Roseate comprises stylish accommodations with sophisticated exterior and interiors, and various amenities.

Dining: Kiyan serves a European and Indian menu while China is all for Chinese cuisine.

Facilities: The amenities that guests can avail include a spa, a fitness centre, aswimmingng pool, and well laid out gardens and.

2. Hyatt Regency Delhi

The well-known five-star deluxe hotel in Delhi, Hyatt Regency is one of the most sought-after for its elegant and comfortable rooms and exemplary services. This hotel is strategically positioned in the city centre hence guaranteeing clientele easy access to popular landmarks and commercial centres.

Rooms and Suites: Guests in Hyatt Regency can be accommodated in large, comfortable rooms and suites and stylish furniture.

Dining: The available accommodation facilities include several restaurants such as The China Kitchen for Oriental lovers and La Piazza for Italian lovers.

Facilities: Some of the amenities of the hotel consist of a spa, Fitness Centre, swimming pool and the largest meeting and conference facilities.

3. Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel

Particularly, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel is in New Delhi’s central business district, which provides its guests with magnificent comfort. This hotel is among the most preferred 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi since it offers hospitable services that are valued across the world.

Rooms and Suites: Rooms and suites at the Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel are well-equipped, luxuriously and stylishly furnished with new-age facilities.

Dining: This hotel has several restaurants; Tamra offers international dishes and Shang Palace for Chinese meals.

Facilities: Services from recreational to business are also offered and they include Spa, Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, and Hospitality and Conference facilities.


The capital of India, New Delhi, has numerous anachronistic places, as well as a great variety of services for tourists, and of course, comfortable luxurious hotels for travellers.

Right from the calm and plush fifty-five-star hotels in Vasant Kunj through the grand five-star hotels in New Delhi and the variety of luxury hotels in the city, one can easily find some of the best accommodations

Depending on what you are looking for, whether it is quiet vacation, a lavish vacation, or a combination of the two, New Delhi’s hospitality industry will leave you with nothing but the best.

Picking one of the top Delhi’s 5-star luxuryry hotels means great nights and days spent in a city that never sleeps: vibrant Delhi complemented witthehe mfort of a hotel stay.


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