7 Proven Strategies For Building Wealth Through Stock Investment


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Stock investment and trading are said to be the best methods to build wealth over time. However, due to a lack of a proper strategy, investors often end up incurring losses in the market. If we take up the example of intraday trading, data indicates that almost 95% of Indian traders repeatedly incur losses and stop trading by their third year.

This indicates a lack of a disciplined approach and several other reasons. Today, we will discuss the top 7 strategies that investors can use to build wealth in the market.

1.     Understand the risk-bearing capacity

Every investor steps into the share market with a different goal and a different risk profile. Irrespective of whether they want to invest or trade, there is always a certain level of risk that comes with every financial instrument.

Especially with intraday trading where the prices are extremely volatile and the chances of losing the entire investment amount are quite high when trading recklessly. Therefore, a trader needs to assess his/her risk profile and only invest the money they are comfortable losing.

2.     Research the company before putting down the money

If an investor wants his/her money to work for them, it is crucial to choose a company worth its salt. Several parameters such as the company’s performance, market capitalization, net income, quarterly growth, annual growth, etc. affect its stock prices.

So, before investors decide to buy their ownership in the company, they must first conduct thorough research. It will help them understand if the company’s growth trajectory matches their financial goals or not.

3.     Choose a booming sector

The performance of a stock often changes based on the sector it belongs to. On following the news closely, investors would know that the stock price of power companies has been facing the heat of the market and has been on a decline this year. So, if at times like this, an investor chooses to invest in power companies, they are likely to suffer losses, irrespective of whatever company they pick.

Therefore, it is important to pick a sector that is not following the downward trend. The best way to do so is by conducting research on different industries and then making the decision.

4.     Derivatives are not a beginner-friendly choice

Financial instruments like futures and options are meant for traders with a certain level of expertise in trading. Trades like margin trading are even more complicated because traders play on borrowed funds, thus increasing their risk further. So, novice traders shouldn’t get involved in these instruments without proper knowledge and understanding of the market.

5.     Do not act on emotions

Investors often witness the price of their investments tanking down and they square off their position out of panic. In other scenarios, investors see the prices soaring and keep their position open hoping to earn better returns.

Neither of these behaviors is right. An investor should never buy or sell a stock because of greed or fear of losing money. The decision should always be backed by thorough research and an understanding of market trends.

6.     Everyone has their own strategy

Irrespective of whether a person is investing or intraday trading, every experienced player in the market has his/her own strategy. For an investor who has not developed a game plan yet, it is crucial to understand that there is no such thing as a right or wrong strategy in the market. With different financial goals, strategies change and so does the resulting figure.

A trader may buy or sell securities just once a day and still earn huge profits in comparison to someone who trades all day or vice versa. So, unless a trader fully understands the strategy they are following, they must never blindly copy another trader.

7.     Stay updated on changing market trends

Market trends constantly keep changing and so does the investor sentiment. The conditions that prevailed two months back might not be relevant anymore. So, anyone who plans to build wealth in the market and has long-term goals must stay aware of the changing market scenarios.

Keeping an eye on any current news related to the company they are investing in would also help them in decision-making and moving their funds accordingly.

Investors often think that the stock market is a gambling arena where they make money by speculating. But any expert in the market can tell you it cannot be any further from the truth. This absence of knowledge and strategies is what leads investors to incur losses. Even though there is no guarantee that a person will make money every day in the market, with the right approach, they would gradually build wealth over time.


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