Adani Group Awarded Two Contracts for Smart Meter Installation in Maharashtra


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The various operations of the project will commence in the next few months under the strict supervision of Gautam Adani.

The Adani Group has recently bagged INR 13,888 crore contracts for smart meter installation in Mumbai. The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company has recently awarded six contracts to install smart meters in different parts of Mumbai, of which two of the contracts were bagged by the Gautam Adani – led conglomerate Adani Group.

Adani Group’s extraordinary presence in the energy and power sector and its recent contract of INR 13,888 crores that is bagged from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company will boost its control over the power and energy sector. The company’s stocks may rise in the future. It will also attract foreign investments from all across the world.

Adani Group’s Successful Bid:

The two zonal contracts awarded to the Adani Group include the Bhandup, Kalyan and Konkan, which has a spread of 63.44 lakh meters and Baramati and Pune, which is 52.45 lakh meters. The Letter of Award has already been issued to the conglomerate. Other entities that received awards include NCC in two zones.

The two entities, Genus and Monte Carlo, have also bagged one contract each. This signifies Adani Group’s control over the power and energy sector of the country. It also throws light on the Adani Group’s energy sector expansion.

The transmission arm of Adani Group, Adani Energy Solutions, which was previously known as Adani Transmission, has always been active in the smart meter segments. With these new contracts, Adani Group will also be India’s largest smart meter supplier.

It has already won the contracts to install smart meters in around 4 to 5 states. The various operations of the project will commence in the next few months under the strict supervision of Gautam Adani. The project will be executed in different phases. This ensures that the various aspects of the projects are dealt with successfully.

The Smart Metering Revolution:

Smart meters have gained importance in India, especially because of their crucial role in this energy-evolving landscape. These devices have the capability of offering real-time data analytics and monitoring capabilities. They allow utilities and consumers to make well-researched decisions about energy consumption.

Considering Maharashtra’s large population and increased energy needs, the deployment of smart meters will bring about benefits to the lives of multiple people. One of the most significant advantages includes eliminating human errors in reading meters, which often lead to large inaccuracies in the billing system.

The smart meters will foster a sense of transparency between the consumers and the utilities.

The smart meters can record data related to power consumption in real time. Consumers can also acquire access to the data through web portals or mobile apps. This can help them have clear insights into their energy usage. They can then bring about modifications in their lifestyle to reduce energy wastage. This again leads to increased awareness among people. The energy conservation rate will increase. The people will also be able to save up on their electricity bills.

The Impact of the Smart Meter Installation Project in Maharashtra:

The success of the smart meter installation project will have a major impact on the economic growth of Maharashtra. The project will increase the livelihood of millions of people in the state. It would also lead to an increase in prosperity and associated job opportunities for the people. Adani Group has been involved in the power and energy sector for a long time.

It offers renewable power supply to multiple regions. The company has also acquired control over numerous energy sectors of the country. This has contributed to massive growth in the Indian economy. The company aims to expand its horizon further and build an enormous empire.

They are the largest smart meter supplier in the country. Almost 30% of the market share is under Gautam Adani’s control. The company’s market shares have also drastically increased over the past few months.


Technology enthusiasts believe that the smart meter installation project in Maharashtra can solve many problems for the people of Maharashtra. This not only brings transparency between consumers and providers but also improves overall operations.

Electricity theft can be reduced to a great extent. So, service providers can estimate the energy requirement in their plants with perfection. The smart meter installation will reduce unwanted power outages, which cause serious damage to society occasionally. This is nothing but inching closer to the digital India dream.


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