Monsoon Trekking from Mumbai


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The magnificent misty hills, the lush woods, and the beautiful landscapes are reaching out to you, enticing you to satisfy your wanderlust during monsoon season, and you must answer the call. Heavy downpours, traffic gridlock, and general chaos characterize the season’s presence in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai.

Monsoon Trekking From Mumbai
Monsoon Trekking From Mumbai

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life by visiting picturesque areas in and around Mumbai. After all, the monsoons have further enhanced their beauty, making them much more appealing to hikers like you! This monsoon season, here are ten breathtaking locales that call for a hiking expedition.

Mahuli Fort (Mahuli)

Trekkers in search of solitude will find this to be the ideal location for their journey. The Mahuli Fort is situated on a lonely hill on the western side of the spectacular Sahyadri mountain range, on the outskirts of the village of Mahuli.

It is possible to see misty clouds crowding the pinnacles and lush green trees covering the surrounding landscapes when trekking during the monsoon season.

From the bottom up, the trees grow to cover the ridge heights; don’t miss this sight on your trip to the plateau. This picturesque spot is just 92 kilometers from Mumbai.


Tungareshwar is a Hindu god.

Tungareshwar is a wooded plateau situated between the towns of Virar and Vasai, and it is a haven for nature lovers, with thick woods and picturesque landscapes. The beauty of the monsoons turns the drab forests into a lush, bountiful panorama of green.

Dried waterfall routes come to life, enthralling hikers and environment lovers alike with their beauty. An off-the-beaten-path route via Virar provides an uphill climb and a 12-kilometer footpath.

Tungareshwar and its serene forests are a popular monsoon destination for hikers, and they make for an excellent weekend getaway.


Kanheri Caves (also known as Kanheri Caves)

Nature lovers seeking tranquility in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai may find it in the historic Kanheri caves, which are located deep within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park inBorivali. It took thousands of years to carve these caverns into a giant basaltic rock, and they are now covered with exquisite Buddhist art work.

As part of the fascinating trip, participants would have to climb upwards and navigate through a gorgeous woodland area. After a long hike, the calming stillness of this old architectural wonder, along with the singing of the showers, is just what you need to relax.

Besides satisfying your hiking aspirations, this amazing path also serves to inspire you with its creative grandeur and majesty.


Karnala Fort

If you are searching for a short and quiet trip, Karnala Fort is the place to go. The fort, which is located in Maharashtra’s Raigad district and is 125 feet high, is notable for its thumb-like form and is 125 feet wide.

Karnala is a fort with significant strategic significance, and it is well-known for Pandu’s Tower Pillar and the bird sanctuary that surrounds it. During the monsoon season, the path is embellished by flowing waterfalls and lush green woods, and it provides a panoramic picture of the Sahyadri mountain range.

The fort is approximately 10 kilometers from Panvel Station and is accessible by a three-hour journey that is both refreshing and scenic.


Dhak Bahiri

Adventure enthusiasts will find this course to be a hard, but exhilarating, journey. It begins at the hamlet of Sandshi in the Raigad District and concludes at the magnificent fort and caverns of Dhak Bhairi, which is a must-see destination.

The most exciting aspect of this hike is the ascent to the cliff known as Kalakrai, which is located close to the fort. The uphill track consists of a rough portion with a 70-degree incline on the first section.

Trekkers will need to utilize rope or bamboo staff to make their way up the mountain. The hike takes you to two secret caverns that provide a panoramic view of different old forts in the Sahyadri mountain range and are well worth the effort.


Rajmachi Fort

The Rajmachi fort, which is steeped in history, is ideally placed within the Sahyadri mountain range and overlooks the lovely backwaters of the Shirota Dam, which is a popular tourist destination.

This medieval castle, which stands at an elevation of 2,710 feet, was constructed to protect the historical trade route of Borghat.

It is a rather short journey that can be reached from Karjat or Lonavala, respectively. Both paths are flanked by beautiful green trees and breathtaking landscapes on each side.


Lohagad Fort

It is definitely worth a visit during the monsoon season, when the castle of Lohagad is enveloped in green moss and foggy cloud formations. In addition to its historical value, this old edifice was of tremendous importance to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj while he was engaged in war.

It is a wonderful one-day trip that provides a spectacular view of the Pavana Dam. During the monsoon season, the routes leading up to the fort are treacherous, making for an exciting journey.

Trekkers are greeted by strong winds at Wind Spot, which marks the entrance to the stronghold. Lohagad, which is less than 100 kilometers from Mumbai, is a wonderful hideaway that offers a great combination of history and adventure.


  1. Kalsubai Trek

The Kalsubai Mountain Trek, which rises to a height of 1646 meters (5400 feet), is often regarded as Maharashtra’s highest peak. Called Kalsubai Mountain by locals, it is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and is within the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary’s jurisdiction.

The tallest point in the area, Kalsubai Height, provides a breathtaking vista. Because Bhandardara Dam and Kalsubai Peak are both well-known destinations, much effort has been put out to make this walk as straightforward as possible.

There are steel fences, chains, and ladders in spots where it is difficult to ascend because of the terrain.


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