10 Best YouTube Holi Songs in Bollywood for 2022


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Enjoy the Holi songs in bollywood for 2022 with the blast. These are a collection of the best YouTube holi songs.

Holi is festivals of colors which is celebrated all over the world with the different colors among the friends and family in Hindu religion.  The Holi festival is also called “Phagu Purnima” is widely celebrated in Nepal and India especially.

YouTube is trending as holi songs during the festival days. Here are the best holi songs in bollywood for the year 2022. Let enjoy the festival songs as below

Best YouTube Holi Songs in Bollywood

Below is the collections of the Hindi holi songs in bollywood you will love to listen. These are the best holi songs collected from the YouTube trending and views

  1. Holi mein rangeele

Remo desuza holi mein rangeela is is one of the top trending holi songs in youtube .

Holi Mein Rangeele | Mouni R | Varun S | Sunny S | Mika S | Abhinav S

2. Tele Naal Holi | holi songs 2022

3. Holi Mix Songs 2022 |Non Stop Holi songs bollywood

4. Holi Party Songs 2022

5. Top 10 Superhit Bojpuri Holi songs

6. Holi Mashup 2022 | Best Bollywood Party Mix songs


7 Holi Mashup 2020 speical songs | happy Holi


8. Holi Mashup 2022 party songs



9. Holi mein rangeela | DJ shadow remix | Holi Songs in Bollywood india


10. Holi songs Mashup 2022


These are the top holi songs in Hindi for you. Enjoy the holi with best friends and play the color with family. These non-stop holi songs in remix and mashup are the best to enjoy.



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