10 Best Nepali Oscar Movies You Must See


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Lets enjoy the Best Nepali Oscar Movies . Dozens of Nepali films are released every year, only one or two films succeed in winning the hearts of the audience and become hit. The number of Nepali films has increased rapidly with quality, which have not only won the hearts of the Nepali audience, but have also been able to win international awards.

The Oscar Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the movie world. The dream of the filmmakers is always wanted to reach the Oscars. However, only limited get such an opportunity.


There are limited number of Nepali films which were able to reach the Oscars. These are 10 successful Nepali Oscar Movies you must see


1.     Caravan

Himalayan caravan movie released in 2056 is the first Nepali film to reach the Oscars. The film was shortlisted for the 72nd edition of the Oscars. The Himalayan caravan movie was directed by French director Eric Vallée.

This film was selected in the Best Foreign Film category for the Oscar film festival.

The caravan movie is also named ‘Himalaya’.  In the movie, the real life of Dolpa district can be seen in the film. The main aim of the film shows the struggle of going to get salt for their life. Thinley Lendup is the main actor in the movie

The cinematography aspect of the film is very beautiful. Scenes of making syringes are included in places.


2.     Mukundo

Mukhundo  Movie is directed by Ritar Sherpa which is one of the best Nepali Oscar Movies you have to see.

A woman’s spiritual and sexual conflict can be seen in the film. Deepak is the main character in the film. Saraswati is his wife. Saraswati becomes pregnant and wishes to have a son anyway. Deepak, the security guard, does not pay much attention to his son or daughter.

At that time, he was advised that if he prays to Tripura Mata, he will get the desired result. Coincidentally, Saraswati gives birth to a son and he thinks that it is the grace of Mother Tripura. In her busy life, she could not fulfil her vow to visit Tripura Mata. At that time the son falls ill and dies.

Tripura Mata i.e., Jhankrini Mithila becomes the support of a childless mother. Devotees believe that Mother Tripura resides in the body of Mithila. The film focuses on the story of Mithila’s spiritual life and the consequences of her sexual life.

Although the film was made 21 years ago, the film was released on YouTube only a short time ago. Actresses Mithila Sharma and Gauri Malla and Ratan Subedi can be seen in the film. This film was made in the year 2057.


3.     Munamdan

Munamadan is a is selected Nepali Oscar Movies that is based on the story of Munamdan, a poetic work written by epic poet Lakshmi Prasad Devkota – Munamdan.

In this film, it is tried to show the story of poverty and the separation of two lovers. Madan goes to Lhasa to earn money. They suffer a lot on the way. Bhote helps when the friends who went with him leave.

On the other hand, Muna takes her last breath while walking towards Madan. When Madan comes back, Muna is shocked to see him and he also chooses the path of death. This is the main story of the film.

This film, which was released in 2060, also had a chance to be selected for the Oscars.


4.     Basai

Basai is also a film based on a novel. Released in 2062, this film is based on the Basai novel written by Lil Bahadur Chhetri.

The film tells the story of how Lahure falls in love with Rikute, a simple girl from the village, who comes from abroad, how Rikute tricks him by showing various greeds, how the pregnant girl shows her face in the village society and how this forces her brothers and sisters to migrate.

The 2005 film Basai also had a chance to be nominated for an Oscar. This film, selected in the 79th edition of the Oscars, was directed by Subas Gajurel. The film features Mithila Sharma, Dinesh DC, Mukund Bastakoti and others.


5.     Sungava – Dance of the Orchid

‘Sungava – Dance of the Orchid’ is the first Nepali film made on a gay love story.

In the film, two young friends fall in love. The family does not accept their love and separates them and marries them to another young man. This theme is included in the film.

Sunagabha, which is a new theme for Nepal, also got a chance to be selected for Oscar. Directed by Suvarna Thapa, the film stars Nisha Adhikari and Dia Maskey in lead roles.


6.     Jhola

Jhola movie is based on the novel ‘Jhola’ written by Krishna Dharabasi, also got a chance to win an Oscar.

The subject of sati practice is beautifully presented in the film. A young girl marries an old man. Her husband passed away when she was young. According to the tradition of that time, she is ready to go to Sati.

The living body is burned on the pyre along with the dead body. Luckily, she manages to get out of the pyre and jump into the river. Said by the villagers to be dead, the woman hides in a cave in the forest. While going to cut grass in the forest, he meets Parne, older than him. This film is available on YouTube.

The film was directed by Yadav Kumar Bhattarai. Garima Pant played the lead role. The film shows the Sati practice in Nepal and its upliftment. This film was shortlisted for the 87th edition of the Oscars.


7.     Tolkjung vs. Tulke

directed the movie Tolkjung vs. Tulke was also selected for Oscar.

There is a character in the film whom everyone in the village calls Tulke. However, his real name is Talakjung. He wants everyone to call him Talakjung. That’s why they gossiped in the village that Maoist, the fearsome power of that time, was my man.

In the film, Tulke’s attempt to become Tulkejung is presented in a very interesting manner. If you haven’t seen this movie, you can easily watch it on YouTube.

Khagendra Lamichhane, Dayahang Rai, Richa Sharma and other actors have acted in the film.


8.     Kalo Pothi

Prakash and Kiran are best friends. Prakash belongs to the ‘waterless’ caste and Kiran belongs to the ‘high caste’. The friendship between these two is very close.

Not Prakash’s mother, Didi joined the Maoists. There are fathers who sell chickens as soon as they see them. In the same series, the father also sells Prakash’s Karishma (he named the chicken Karishma). The struggle of two friends to bring back the charisma that was sold, the armed conflict that came in the midst of this struggle, etc., have been portrayed in the film in an interesting manner.

This film has also passed the journey of Oscar selection. This film is also the highest grossing Nepali film in the international market. Directed by Min Bham, Khadg Nepali and Suraj Rokay can be seen in the lead roles.


9.     Seto Surya

Seto surya is the nepali movie which tells the story of the Maoist armed conflict, also reached the Oscars.

The film focuses on the struggle of a son who goes on a journey to go to the ghat after the death of his father. The film was also somewhat controversial. Chandra’s father dies inside the house.

According to the belief that his body should not be taken out through the door, it is taken out through the window in Dhuriner. At that time, the villagers are enjoying Taas. The viewers of the film protested saying that such scenes have defamed Nepali culture in the international world.

Directed by Deepak Rauniyar, the film has Dayahang Rai in the lead role. The film was also screened at the 73rd Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. This movie was released in 2016.


10. Panchayat

Panchyat is a film based on the social story Panchayat, also reached the Oscars. The film is based on the events that happened during the reign of King Birendra.

A film has been made about the treatment of women during Panchayat period. Directed by Shivam Adhikari, the film stars Neeta Dhungana, Saroj Khanal and others. The film can be seen on YouTube.


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