Living Large in a Little Space: The Fresher’s Guide to Hostel Essentials

Living Large in a Little Space: The Fresher’s Guide to Hostel Essentials

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

We live in the age of Instamart and one-day delivery for major e-commerce sites. So, you can practically get anything you want at most places. However, as a student, you’re on a budget and can’t afford unnecessary expenses. That’s why you need to put a little more thought into packing luggage for your hostel life.

Even if your girls college in Kolkata is equipped with a hostel that serves all your needs, it’s best to have a packing checklist for hostels and campus life. While everyone has different needs and there’s no exhaustive checklist that’s applicable for everyone, we thought of a few essential items for hostel life.     

Let’s check out the hostel essentials you need for your ultimate checklist:

1. Laptop

Many professional courses for womenrequire you to have a laptop. For instance, a computer science or engineering student can’t do without it. Even if your course doesn’t require you to buy one, it’s going to be very useful for productivity.

For instance, while you are studying or doing homework at the hostel, a laptop can provide you access to more information from the internet to aid your learning journey. Moreover, a laptop simply allows you to be more productive and becomes an entertainment tool when you’re done with the assignments.

2. Extension board and power bank

Unless you have the room to yourself, you’re more likely to share your hostel dorm with someone. However, there are a limited number of wall sockets and each student has multiple electronic gadgets that must be charged. That’s where an extension board comes in.

Get one with a very long cable so that you can drag it to the desk or right under your bed. When you’re feeling kind, feel free to share it with your roommates. To reduce more charging and plug point-related friction, you can add a power bank to the packing list.

3. Electric kettle

This electronic accessory is indispensable at any hostel dorm. Even if you’re the most disciplined student at the best women’s college in Kolkata, you’ll end up missing meal times. While some of those gaps become the perfect excuse to eat out, it’s not viable every time. That’s why electric kettles are versatile lifesavers at hostels. You can cook up instant noodles, beverages, instant oats, eggs, and much more. Make sure to get one with a metal body that can handle a couple of accidental drops. 

4. Locks

You’re about to start living with complete strangers for the first time. That’s why it’s best to practice a certain degree of caution and make sure all your belongings remain safe. While some hostels come with a locker feature for students, yours might not have one. Locks allow you to secure your luggage and protect your belongings.

5. Personal medications

Thankfully most college campuses have generic and pharmaceutical stores to serve your needs. Otherwise, there are delivery apps that would deliver your medicines for you as long as you can upload the right prescription. However, if you have a chronic disease or a condition that requires rare and less readily available pills or inhalers, it’s best to carry them with you. Make sure you pack enough for at least 6 months.

6. Earphones and eye mask

This one doesn’t seem like an essential right? However, when you share a room with one or multiple people, things can get a bit chaotic.

Some would choose to study, sleep, and do other activities at different times. Earphones allow you to block out your noisy roommates while eye masks allow you to sleep when someone decides to keep the light on longer for their final revision.

7. Laundry bag

Whether your hostel provides a laundry facility or you need to wash your clothes yourself, a laundry bag is going to be very useful either way. As a busy student at a premier graduation college for girls in Kolkata, a laundry bag allows you to collect your dirty clothes throughout the week without making a mess.

You’re going to learn new things and gain unique experiences at your hostel. You’ll become more adaptable and flexible during your college years. With this list of essentials, your starting point becomes smoother. Either way, your new friends and the hostel warden would be ready to help you when you face any hiccups. So, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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