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What Is The Cost Of Living For Students In Ireland?

Are you planning to study in Ireland? Hold up; we need to discuss something vitally significant before you plan – the cost of living for students in Ireland.

Similar to other countries, to get your hands on an Irish student visa, you should be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to support all your expenses throughout your studies.

Even though you plan to support your studies by doing part-time jobs, as a foreign student, you will still be required to budget your finances to avoid much trouble.

On average, in Ireland, it might cost around €7,000 to €12,000 for a student. Remember that these expenses revolve around utilities, books, accommodation, food, etc. However, it does not include your tuition fees.

If you are willing to learn more, then read on! In this guide, you will get insights about students’ cost of living and some expert tips to keep them down.

So, let us get down to these tips!

Living Costs In Ireland | All You Need To Consider Before Moving

Annual Tuition Fees For Foreign Students(cost of study in Ireland)

The annual tuition fees in Ireland can vary based on the region and the university you have opted for. Cost Of Living For Students varies according to the place and study. The cost of study in Ireland is summed up as below

Cost Of Study In Ireland Tution Fee
Cost Of Study In Ireland Tuition Fee

Furthermore, it also differs from your academic level, from degree to degree, and your dependence on service providers who “do my assignment in Ireland”. Considering these aspects, you must put aside a budget of:

  1. For Undergraduate courses: €9,850 – €55,000 per year
  2. For Postgraduate Master’s and PhD courses: €9,950 – €35,000 per year

Moreover, foreign students enrolled in Irish universities and colleges should also pay a contribution fee of about 3,000 EUR annually.

Such charges are for student services, like support for societies and clubs, examination entries, etc. You need to keep in mind that this student contribution fee is not the same for every university in Ireland and can change each year.

So, due to this, the cost of living for students can also keep altering.

Accommodation Costs

Another significant aspect to plan your finances for is the accommodation cost of living for students.

The amount you will have to pay for your housing is mostly inconsistent and can vary from area to area, as well as the type of accommodation and whether it is on-campus or off-campus.

If you choose university accommodation, you will spend much less in comparison to private accommodation.

  1. On-campus accommodation: €10,000 – €20,000 per academic year
  2. Off-campus accommodation (Shared): €350 – €800 per month
  3. Off-campus accommodation (Private): €800 – €1,500 per month

Transportation Costs

Next up, we have transportation costs. They are also an important part of budgeting your finances. For public transportation, such as trains and buses, ticket fares might cost no more than €70 to €120 per month, based on the frequency of usage and travel distance.

Many transport facilities have the Student Leap Card, which can make transportation a bit cheaper, starting from €50 to €55 a month.

However, as per the survey, in Ireland, the preferred means of transportation is cycling, which about 38 percent of students prefer. So, if you opt for bike rentals, it might merely cost you €20 a day.

Food Costs of living for students

You also have to consider the food costs to estimate the exact cost of living for students in Ireland. Luckily, food is quite affordable, but it depends on the sort of meals you prefer.

So, if you din in fancy restaurants or go out more, then you will end up spending a huge sum of money. On the contrary, if you prepare your food at home or opt for economical places to have meals, you can save a lot of your hard-earned $$$.

Generally, in Ireland, the monthly food costs range between €250 and €350. Moreover, if you are on a tight budget or wish to save some money, you can think about grocery shopping from supermarkets such as Dunnes or Tesco.

Food items at these marts are a lot more reasonable. Moreover, they also offer special discounts on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Miscellaneous Charges

Other extra expenses that you might need to cover during your stay as a foreign student might include:

  1. Taking online Ireland assignment help: depends on the service
  2. Medical insurance:  €45 per month
  3. Books and other study materials: €75 per month
  4. Social activities or entertainment: €60 – €100 per month

Expert Tips To Manage The Cost Like A Pro

Here are a bunch of tips to help you manage the cost of living for students in Ireland:

  1. Try to eat at home instead of spending $$$ at pricey restaurants
  2. Travel through public transportation rather than renting a car or using taxis
  3. Collectively purchase your monthly groceries and look for special discounts or deals
  4. Try to get on-campus accommodation, and if not, think about sharing your housing with other students to save some $$$
  5. For entertainment purposes, go out to natural attractions instead of visiting fancy places
  6. Work part-time. But, keep in mind to only work within allocated working hours and don’t exceed the limit
  7. Take benefit of free amenities given by your university, such as libraries, pools, sports facilities, and a lot more
  8. Monitor your expenses on a day-to-day basis and keep track of what you are spending on

In Ireland, how much will I have to spend on accommodation?

Your rent expenses would most likely be one of your major expenses. It can be as small as €400 per month for a joint room, or as high as €850+ for a private room. The on-campus accommodation is in high demand. Thus, it is priced at the higher side of this range.

On average how much will I have to pay for commute in Ireland?

In Ireland, public transportation can be a bit costly as compared to other European cities. For instance, a bus ticket for a month in Dublin can cost about €160. However, there are a lot of other options you can adopt for the Cost Of Living For Students as they are way cheaper, and the price varies depending on the mode of transport used.

How much can I expect to spend on food in Ireland?

For food, including some meals bought from cheaper restaurants or on campus, you can expect to spend about €70 to €100 per week.

How much can a foreign student earn in Ireland?

Foreign students in cities like Cork and Dublin can earn a minimum wage of €10-12 per hour by doing part-time work. However, in cities like Limerick, the minimum salary is about €8-9 per hour.

Summing It All Up!

And this is it, folks! By reading the information provided above, we are sure that you are well aware of the cost of living for students in Ireland.

However, do not rely on these costs blindly. Rather, we advise you to do your research and see where you can cut some $$$ effectively.  


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