Foolproof plan to keep track of your semester tasks?


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Foolproof plan to keep track of your semester tasks?

Have you ever thought about why you put such an effort into attending college and concentrating on your lectures? You could have lazed all day along or studied only as much as you would have liked. Having tutored students for over a decade, I have noticed that most students do their academic tasks, including attending class, to score well in their assessment answers.

However, you cannot excel in your academics unless you plan your tasks. If you are confused about the proper methods to formulate your tasks and schedules, the 10 tips below might help you stay on track throughout the semester.

Create 30-50 Minute Study Time Blocks

Research proves that studying in short blocks of time is more effective than other ways to learn or create assignment answers. Keeping that in mind, you can:

  • Scan your study schedule to determine the number of free hours you have outside of your college lectures.
  • Then calculate the free time you have to devote to your studies.
  • Finally, block the time into 30-50 minute sections in a separate planner.

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Allot Specific Task For Each Study Block

Don’t create a vague planner with titles like study literature. Instead, get serious with your planning process. Prioritise tasks by due dates and deadlines using red, write, review, outline, and memorise as the taglines. For example, if you have a physics exam in just two weeks, you may block sections of the day with blocks like practice problems on speed and velocity, reread the highlighted concepts, work on the module end questions, create formula flashcards, etc.

Dice Your Chunky Assignment

Assignments, which require long research or writing time often, take away the daylight of many students. As a result, they feel overwhelmed and thrown off the track of their daily schedule. Breaking these long tasks into small dices makes them more manageable. For example, if the paper you have in hand needs 6 hours to complete, it is not practical and feasible to block an entire 6 hours from the daily schedule. Instead, devote 30-50 minutes each day to finish a section of your complete task; in a week or so, you will be done with it.

Give Extra Time To Your Complicated Tasks

You cannot ace all subjects, nor do all topics have the same value to all students. Some are bound to be difficult, and some to be more crucial for your degree. Therefore, identify each of these subjects and block longer or more frequent times for them. For example, let us assume that you are graduating with math. However, you want to pursue your doctoral degree in calculus but find the subject tad more complicated than arithmetic. In that case, blocking 30 minutes of your time more for each day’s regular schedule will be more beneficial for you.

Schedule Your Subjects On Alternate Days

Do you remember your school timetable? Remember how the subject classes were slotted for each day? If not, let me remind you. Teachers used to slot subjects on alternate days. For example, they used to keep Math, Science and English o every alternate day, like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The primary reason was to keep you from burning out and help you retain more information. Do the same in your study plan as well. Take a hint from the above example; you may slot Calculus for three or four days a week. You will enjoy the same benefits.

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It may feel like carrying a lot of weight or spending money on the stationeries. But you will have separate notes organisedto create assessment and assignment answers for each subject easily. You may:

  • Write notes by hand to retain more information.
  • Highlight key concepts in your texts for quick review
  • Make flashcards to help you memorise essential concepts
  • Practice tests to prepare for exams


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