Best Dashain Essay Format with Example

Best Dashain Essay Format with Example

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Dashain essay is the writing the essay about the dashain.  Usually this essay is need for the school students in Nepal. During the dashain festival, the student get long holiday . As the festival is national festival, during the school study and exam , the students need to write the essay about this dashain festival

The type of essay that a student has to write during the dashain festival. Here is a complete guide for writing a dashain essay.There are Few Ways Writing an Essay you will love to see

Dashain Essay example
Dashain Essay example

How to write Dashain Essay ?

Dashain Essay should be focused about the main theme of the festival. While writing dashain essay, the student have to write in simple and English language or Nepali language.  Before writing, you should select the good topic or at school your teacher might give the title for dashain essay.

Regarding the number of words, the essay should be about 1000 words in standard format . On writing the essay about the dashain festival, it would be nice if you write in following dashain essay format

  1. Select the best title about dashain festival
  2. Introduction to Dashain
  3. Main days in Dashain
  4. Foods and events in Dashain
  5. Conclusion

While writing about the dashain, the good title should be selected. For the student,  the teachers in the school might give the title for writing it. Simple and easy title should be selected if you are selecting your own title. some of the recomended dashain 20 essay title about dashain are as follows

  1. how to spend a dashain festival
  2. how to make the festival a happy
  3. how to make the dashain fruitful
  4. Brief Introduction to dashain
  5. Biggest Dashain festival
  6. Dashain Festival On A Budget
  7. Tips to celebrate Dashain Festival in good mood
  8. Foods to eat during dashin
  9. How to keep yourself healthy and fit during Dashain festival
  10. Amazing Dashain Festival Foods
  11. How To Make Dashain Festival enjoyable
  12. Everyone Loves Dashain Festival
  13. Cracking The Dashain Festival
  14. Beware The Dashain Festival Scam
  15. How To Be Happy At Dashain Festival
  16. what Not To do on Dashain Festival
  17. Myths About Dashain Festival
  18. Why I Love Dashain Festival
  19. Better and Best Dashain Festival
  20. Famous Quotes On Dashain Festival

Who Needs to write dashain essay ?

Dashain essay is especially for the students in the school . From primary level to higher level, student studying in school need to know about this biggest festival and write them as homework or exam time. The students should have good knowledge about this festival before writing essay about dashain.

Beside student, the freelancer writer also may write the essay about the dashain to explore knowledge about this festive.

Dashain Essay Example 

This is just dahain essay example written for you in simple way. As per the format of essay writing , it is being written for you.

Title :  Dashain Festival in Nepal 

Introduction to dashain

Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal which is also Vijayadashami in Nepali, It is the biggest and longest festival celebrated by Hindus of Nepalese origin all over the world . It usually falls in the month of Ashwin (September/October). Ashwin is the month that brings happiness and smiles to the faces of all Nepalis . All private and government institutions are closed during this time.

Dashain is celebrated for 10-15 days from Amavasya which is also known as Ghatasthapana, the full moon day is called Kojagrat Purnima . During these days, people who are away from home find time to come to their place. It is a festival of fun, great excitement, interest and extreme happiness.

Importance of Dashain festival

The time of Dashain is very pleasant, and the weather is clean and mild, so there is no dust on the roads. Farmers get rest and relief from the tiring planting season. During this time, Durga fought with an evil demon called  ‘ Mahishasura ‘ who spread fear and terror among the people . On Dashain , we remember the victory of truth over falsehood and justice over injustice.

On the first nine days, worship is done to Goddess Navadurga , the goddess of power and victory Temples dedicated to Goddess Durga are always packed with devotees. Chandi, the story of the victory of the gods over the demons in the Satya Yuga, is recited for its sanctity and sanctity.

It is said that on this tenth  day, Lord Ramachandra won victory over Ravana, so it is called Vijayadashami. On this day from house to house the most mature and knowledgeable person worships Bhagwati Durga and other goddesses and gods with sixteen items, and to check if there is any mistake in the nine days of worship, he writes Ashtdal on a copper plate with sandalwood and in the middle three idols of Goddess Mataka or three heaps of Rata Akshata.

Aparajit Devi in ​​the middle of the Rakhi, Jayadevi on the right, Vijaya Devi on the left and worshiping with sixteen items, worshiping Jamra as much as possible, offering aarti and flowers to Bhagwati Durga and other goddesses. Religious belief that by doing this no one can oppress (victory) them


Major Dashain festival Days and importance

Aactually celebrated for ten days, this great festival of Hindus should be called Dashain. During Dashain, nine forms of Navadurga (Shaktiswarupa Goddess Durga of Hinduism) Shailaputri, Brahmacharani, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidhatri are specially worshiped. This new form of Navadurga Bhavani is worshiped for nine days from the day of Ashwin Shuklapaksha Pratipradaka to the day of Mahanavami.

On the tenth day of Vijayadashami, on the occasion of Bhagwati’s victory over demon Shakti and Rama’s victory over Ravana, Navadurga Bhavani’s Prasad form is celebrated by dignitaries wearing red tika and jamara and giving blessings. Paunas who come from far and wide are allowed to pray till the full moon and receive blessings.


Maha Saptami

Phoolpati is the seventh day of Navratri. On the seventh day of Navratri, nine types of pallavas such as belapatra, paddy husk, pomegranate, ginger plant, kachu, sugarcane, banana etc. are brought from house to house.

After the end of the rainy season, when new plants are brought into the house to welcome autumn, there is a religious and cultural belief that disease-causing organisms (viruses, bacteria) and various types of negative germs and bacteria do not stay in the house due to the effect of medicinal plants.

Banana, Darim, Paddy, Haledo, Mane, Karchur, Bel, Ashoka and Jayanti these nine types of leaves are brought to the place where Durga Puja is performed at the rate of puji each. On this day especially Mahasaraswati and books, kapi, pen and masidani etc. are also worshipped.

Farmers go to the fields on this day and worship the paddy with sandalwood, akshata and flowers and bring the paddy stalks and plants home. Also, on this day, flowers brought from Dashinghar of Gorkha Palace are brought to Jamal in the capital city of Kathmandu and brought to Hanumandho Palace with great pomp and show.


Special worship of Mahakali-Bhadrakali is performed on Mahashtami, the eighth day of Navratri. According to Devi Bhagwat, in ancient times, the worship of Dakshaprajapati was performed on the day of Ashtami with the very powerful Bhadrakali (millions of yoni-shakti) who destroyed the Yagna.

After the puja, people sacrifice goats, chickens, ducks, ducks etc. Vegetarians offer fruits such as coconut, kuvindo, banana, ghiraula, etc. The night between Mahaashtami and Mahanavami is considered Kalaratri and Gupta Puja is performed throughout the night.


On Mahanavami, the ninth day of Navratri, special worship is done to Goddess Siddhidhatri. On this day in the morning, the Vishwakarma Puja is also performed by offering sacrifices to Kalpoorja, weapons and vehicles etc. On this day, apart from other pujas, especially young girls from two years to ten years are also worshipped.

The meaning of sacrifice is to sacrifice, sacrifice means to give up. The Prasad of Navadurga has been giving up all the ten vices in the sense that work, anger, greed, infatuation, drunkenness, jealousy, envy, malice, deceit, hypocrisy, these ten types of vices are removed and happiness, peace, prosperity are attained, so bear the symbol of work, the symbol of anger.

It is believed that there is a tradition of offering sacrifices by considering the red, the sheep as the symbol of greed, the chicken and the duck as the symbol of Mada and Matsarya.

Vijaya Dashami

The tenth day of Navratri is called Vijayadashami. The Dashami of Shuklapaksha in Ashwin month should be understood as Vijayadashami. This is a special day of Dashain.


Dashain Tika and its importance

In Hindu culture, the red teeka symbolizes both luck and victory . Dashain is also a time for family gatherings and festivals. During this season, people who are abroad return to their home or country .

People visit their families and put their disputes and misunderstandings behind them. Children especially enjoy this festival as it gives them about 30 days of vacation, great food, a chance to meet their siblings and new clothes. Senior family members usually give them cash as dakshina , a kind of gift and blessing. Families get together, and participate in some games.

Strong bamboo swings are also made for recreation in villages . When flying kites, the sky is full of kites and colorful. People wear new clothes and eat meat, pounded rice, chocolate, spices and cell roti. Malshree Music is playing. As a result, the festival strongly represents the Nepali lifestyle.

Dashain is also a festival of charity. They broadcast or publish greetings and greetings from their own and sponsored sources through mass media such as radio, television and newspapers

Shots were fired at Tundikhel in Kathmandu along with the flower garden. It is common practice to receive tika from the head of the nation . But Dashain promotes some sins. Many people celebrate this festival grandly.

Negative aspects of Dashain

Festivals are often expensive and   Fights, fights and accidents are often caused by excessive drinking and gambling.

Dashain does not bring happiness to the poor. of traditional festivals to them . It seems very challenging to pay for. Some people’s excesses make them bankrupt. The Goddess has received some excellent sacrifices.

Accidents, food poisoning, and indigestion are common human tragedies. Many crimes like pickpocketing, dacoity and theft are committed before Dashain . Prices increase in the market on the day and night before the festival .


Last line on writing essay on dashain

Dashain essay writing is one of the most important assignments that students must write in their academic career. It is also a demanding assignment, so students must be prepared to face a lot of challenges and challenges.


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