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6 Business ideas for startups that doesn’t need Store

The past two years were tough for everyone, with shrinking job opportunities. Surviving amidst the global crisis was challenging. This has led you to figure out ways of starting something on your own. You may be wondering about the Business ideas for startups.

However, that might demand huge capital investment. You are not ready for this right now. Your financial condition is not stable to take this huge step.

If you want to begin with a low start-up cost, then business on wheels is the right concept for you to focus on. Again, such an initiative will demand some amount of capital you can get in the form of loans.

Instead of telling yourself, “I need urgent money now in the UK,” grab this loan opportunity. With this, you can easily manage funds for your mobile business. No storefront need is the best thing about this business venture.

You can start online with the business idea with the least expenses. You need to travel from one place to another in case of a mobile business. You should have a vehicle of your own to move frequently.

If you want to know more about different types of mobile business ideas, then head over to this guest post and know more about business ideas for startup a new beginning.

Different mobile business ideas you can try out

You must accept that this mobile business venture has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. You have to deal with it. For this, you must emphasize planning that can turn the whole game for you.

Are you ready? Read along to find out about different business ideas for startup.

Movable beauty salon

You are a certified beautician, but the pandemic had the worst impact on your business. Since situations have changed, you must make some changes on your business plan.

You have the expertise that you can use with slight modification. Reach out to your old clients and offer them home salon services.

Movable Beauty Salon
Movable Beauty Salon

They know you very well. Thus, you have a high chance of getting accepted. Furthermore, you can create social media pages on different social media platforms. Use these pages to describe your services.

Increasing the reach is not possible without an online presence. Using Smart Business Card can have more benefits to your startup business too.

Get yourself a vehicle, for you will have to move to different locations. Be patient, and you can easily create your customer base.

Food truck business

You must be well aware of the popularity of this business. Although this is a common idea, you can give a personal touch to it to make it different. You should spend a considerable amount of time researching before kick-starting this business.

You must select a niche and think about it. Be creative in your approach. Design and decorate your food truck in such a manner that ensures functionality also.

Moreover, complete everything within a budget. Don’t go for too much fanciness. This might ruin the effort you put into it.

Include some specialty in your business. Otherwise, it will fail to attract customers. Establish contacts with wholesalers who can provide you with raw materials.

You must plan for storage options to reduce food wastage.

Party transportation services

This business intends to serve the purpose of party transportation. You need to provide a transport facility for partygoers. Your vehicle should carry them from one place to another.

This business has a widespread demand. You can get clients who want transportation services for wedding guests or birthday party invitees. You just have to provide them with your vehicle to carry the guest from their place to the venue.

A bus is a convenient vehicle for this type of business. It is because you don’t know the number of guests invited by your clients. In this scenario, having a big vehicle is a smart decision.

Online tutoring or offline tutoring

You need to be an expert in any subject like maths, English, history, etc. You should have a keen interest in teaching others. If you are a combination of these two, you have immense potential as a tutor.

You can become a private tutor and start giving home tuition. It is comparatively easy to get students for home tuitions. To provide tuition, you should travel to their homes.


You can begin as a part-time home tutor. This gives you the freedom to choose the tutoring schedule. You can make additional earnings by opting for offline tutoring.

After school hours and evenings are the best times for tuition, you can provide distant tuition facilities by going online.

Photography services

You can start your photography career by building a strong portfolio. You can use this portfolio to approach clients. This is easy and low investment type business ideas for startup as new start.

A portfolio is essential as it provides a visual presentation of your work to the client. Focus on the portfolio part in the first place.

Create a social media page and showcase your work. Work hard on improving the organic reach of your page. Meanwhile, you can serve on various occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc.

Don’t stick to a specific niche until you gain some popularity. Define your niche in the learning process. This will also give you practical experience.

You need to invest in a good camera and other lighting equipment for this service. To become a successful photographer, you need to learn the tactics of photography. The best part is that you can start this business with a small budget.

Don’t hesitate if you struggle to gather funds. It is because you can get access to loan options like unsecured guarantor loans in the UK.

Personal trainer

Nowadays, people have become more conscious about their health. This contributed to the rise in demand for personal trainers. They are fitness experts who provide fitness training to people in their homes.

You can also be an in-home personal trainer if you are a fitness freak. You can work out different plans to serve different plans. Your plans must include special offers to attract other clients.

As a personal trainer, you might need to provide customized fitness training. It is because different people might need a different approach.

The bottom line (business ideas for startup )

Once you fix your mind, options are many for you. Based on your expertise and experience, you can choose a viable business idea. Just be ready to visit different places to serve other clients.


If you are working out ideas to start a movable business, then this guest post can come in handy to think about business ideas for startup. Read through it to understand the different concepts that you can explore.



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