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5 Effective Ways of Using Smart Business Card

The great alternative for a paper business card – Smart business card; they are here to stay for a longer time. As we are moving into the new digital era, smart business cards are the trendy ways one should grab to stand apart from the crowd.

It has been an incredible pilgrimage from paper business cards to smart business cards. We all know how we receive our stack of business cards at our office. We couldn’t wait to begin sharing or exchanging them at our next professional encounter.

Having your paper visiting card was one of the most noteworthy junctures that honored adulthood for corporate workers. There is consistently something supernatural about sharing or exchanging visiting cards. Well, in the rapidly changing times, this tradition too has been revamped with working professionals picking to switch to a digital and a better effective way of contact information sharing, a smart business card.

The most valuable thing about a smart visiting card is that it does operate so much more than just sharing or exchanging your contact information with your colleagues. It’s the ideal networking application armored with unlimited web app features, every networker necessities.

Don’t you worry at all; we have put together the 5 most effective benefits of using WonderCard smart business cards. Consider the following;


  1. Contactless Way of Sharing Contact Information

The essential benefit of a smart enterprise is to eradicate the necessity for the physical exchange of paper visiting cards. With WonderCard App on your phone, your phone is your business card, and you can efficiently share your information with anyone in an in-person, online meeting, or conference.

Needless to state, this is one of the most significant web app features, keeping in mind the social distancing standards and government guidelines of the current networking world. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about running out of paper visiting cards at your next event, you ought to carry only one.

  1. You Can Use them for Lead Generation

A smart business card creates it feasible to collect contact information by merely tapping your card on the candidate’s phone with the help of links or QR codes. You can likewise link it with the CRM tool to instantly send your leads to the CRM and guarantee a more immediate follow-up.

Send an immediate follow-up directly from your favorite CRM, mobile number, email, or marketing tool the same day. A rescuer benefit for your next networking event, you won’t be organizing information all day in your paper business cards.


  1. Share your portfolio with WonderCard App

Sharing your portfolio is one of the essential features for influencers or any SMO corporate professional. You can exchange or share your entire social media channel links with a single tap of a button, which is “Social Share” in the WonderCard App.

Working professionals who are working from home can benefit from this usefulness and terminate the need of exchanging and sharing individual platforms for work references. It’s an effortless method to opt for one’s brand while still networking successfully.

  1. Pitch medium or a large enterprise with the smartest way

Utilizing the social link or website link-sharing feature of your WonderCard App, you can link your website to your visiting card with just a single tap. So the next moment you want to make a good appearance or impression to anyone while presenting your enterprise demo, just tap the card and pitch your enterprise.

  1. Track and analyze your card performance

The most significant limitation while using a paper business card is that you cannot keep track of where your card ends up. And this is the reason, people today are turning their way to the digital business card. WonderCard smart business card is enabled with the capability to track your taps, and it even goes on to crystallize them for your use.

Whether you are an admin of the group or just a salesperson, you won’t skip a single lead of yours or your team’s. This app makes it more leisurely for you to get an outline of your leads, resulting in more precise performance reporting while working.

Get all your queries quickly answered with us. Please feel free to connect with us anytime. For more information on WonderCard, you may visit the website or any social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.  For more information about Electronic Business Card





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