August 15, 2022
Best MBA Colleges in Canada Without Work Experience

10 Best MBA Colleges in Canada Without Work Experience

Without a doubt, Canada is one of the top destinations for a Master of Business Administration (MBA). However, to apply for an MBA program, you need good work experience. In some cases, 2-3 years are enough, while top b schools require around 4-5 years of work experience even to consider your profile. What to do then?

Don’t worry; Canada has many universities that do not ask for work experience at their business schools. In general, the number of these institutes is not as much as demanding ones, but there are enough to give you options.

The Best MBA Colleges in Canada offers MBA degree programs in Canada that are designed to provide students with a thorough education in business concepts, management, and leadership.

Now, work experience is not an absolute requirement for a top-tier MBA degree from a top-tier country.

Why MBA in Canada?

Canada is currently the #1 destination for study abroad studies. Lots of Best MBA Colleges in Canada are there to welcome you for your study and make future. International students worldwide are referring to Canada for business and other programs more than any other country. It has an extensive business industry that is very impactful.

If you graduate from a top-tier Canadian institute, your degree is acknowledged worldwide. The universities there have tie-ups with hundreds of international universities. Also, Canada is one of the top destinations for lifestyle elements. Combine it with their education system, and you get an overall experience for your MBA.

Canada hosts business schools like Schulich, Rotman, Smith and many others. These are a few names that are included in top b schools worldwide. With an MBA degree from top Canadian institutes, you can work anywhere at any level.

Canadian business education focuses on global exposure that helps students build beautiful careers. Not only enroll on Best MBA Colleges in Canada, the growth and development opportunities in the country are always good.

MBA in Canada Without Work Experience

The requirement for work experience has always been a significant factor in MBA degrees. Students carry out years of work in an industry to get their hands on a quality MBA degree from Canada. No doubt, this feature is excellent for exceptional learning.

However, it puts a significant limitation on the aspirants that do not hold such a record. You may be suited for an MBA program at a good Canadian school, but you fail to apply because of lacking work experience.

Due to lack of information, many students remain unaware that Canada has many universities that do not ask for work experience. YES! You can do an MBA from Canada without any work experience whatsoever. And these institutes that offer such MBA degrees are not just any universities. There are quite a few names in this line known globally for their exceptional education.

Top MBA Colleges in Canada Without Work Experience

Canada hosts many business schools that offer MBAs without work experience. Many of these schools are very recognized and are acknowledged by firms/companies globally. You have to find the right fit for you.

Mentioning all the MBA schools in Canada that do not ask for work experience is not practical. Hence, here are the top b schools in Canada where you can do an MBA with no work experience:

list of best MBA colleges in Canada.

No.University NameLocation
1University of TorontoToronto
2York UniversityToronto
3Queen’s UniversityKingston
4Dalhousie UniversityHalifax
5University of AlbertaEdmonton
6University of WindsorWindsor
7Brock UniversitySt. Catharines
8Saint Mary’s UniversityHalifax
9Thompson River UniversityKamloops
10Cape Breton UniversitySydney


What is MBA course ?

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree, which means you can get it after completing your undergraduate degree. The best MBA colleges in Canada offer their MBA courses to students after asking them to have a Bachelor’s degree.


Canada is sure a place to be. The business industry there is very prosperous and influenced by many other industries. You get to work in multiple sectors and with various job roles.

The country is versatile both for work and lifestyle. If you want to pursue an MBA and have no work experience, consider these universities in Canada. Enjoy the Best MBA Colleges in Canada

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