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Badhshala | Nepali Online Movie

Watch Nepali Online Movie Badhshala Nepali Movie here easily. This Badhshala is the one  of the best Nepali movie of Dayahang’s films on the Maoist-led Civil War in Nepal released in 2013.

This badhshala movie was banned due to complaints by the Nepalese Army during the moist time.  You can watch Badhshala Nepali Movie Online here . Also, badhshala songs Nepali movie is good.

About Badhshala | Nepali Online Movie

Badhshala Nepali Movie Watch Online

This Nepali Movie BadhsalaStory shows the truth that hasn’t been revealed and still politically suppressed. The differnt issue of disappearance and death inside Nepali custody is creatively provoked in this story through the characters in the movie.

It may be a story of the connection between continuously blind-folded hand-cuffed detainees, and therefore the army personnel in detention in the center during the emergency period.

In this Nepali Online Movie watch, you can know about the real character in the movie. Regarding the  characters in Badhshala, who are in power, create a stimulating yet complex relationship once they interact, which ultimately shifts the facility status between them.


Watch Badhshala Nepali Movie Online

Enjoy and watch this Nepali Online Movie and give your comments below with your review.


The badhshala movie  is inspired from the various popular Nepali  books “ANDHYARA 256 DINHARU” by JITMAN BASNET, “MAANAV BADHSALA” by KRISHNA K.C. and MEMORIES WRITTEN by AN UNKNOWN ARMY



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