PANCHE BAJA – Watch Nepali Full Movie 2020


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PANCHE BAJA is full entertaining Nepali Full Movie of 2020 . The PANCHE BAJA nepali movie is starred with  Saugat Malla, Karma, Buddhi Tamang, Jashmin & Shrijana as major role in the movie.

In the Nepali movie panche baja,   Anju Panta, David Shankar, Rahul Biswash  are the playback singer in which the arrangement of Music  and directed by Kali prasad Baskota & Bikash Chaudhari

The songs of panche baja movie Lyrics  b y Pradeep Bharduwj & Sabin Ektarey

This hit nepali movie panche baja is produced by Rajesh Shahi where as Directed by Ghanashyam Lamichhane

Casts in Panche Baja Movie

  • Saugat Malla,
  • Karma
  • Buddhi Tamang
  • Jashmin Shrestha
  • Shrijana Subba
  • Prakash Ghimire
  • Sabin Bastola,
  • Pramila Tulachan
  • Bimala Giri
  • Rajesh Shahi
  • Yubraj Bhandari and
  • Tej Giri 


PANCHE BAJA – Watch Nepali Full Movie Online


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