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Adani Group to Build EV Charging Stations Across Four Major Expressways in Uttar Pradesh

Introduction: Hindenburg Report Adani

The Adani Group, one of the most prosperous global conglomerates operating both in India and in different corners of the world, has made plans to set up charging stations across the four major expressways in Uttar Pradesh.

The charging stations will have per-hour charging costs. This will bring about ease and convenience in the lives of EV owners. It will also encourage more people to shift to EVs from traditional fuel-driven project vehicles. The EV charging project is one of the biggest projects taken up by the Adani Group after the Hindenburg report Adani crisis.

An Overview of the Project:

The approved project involves the establishment of 26 EV charging stations along the four key expressways in Uttar Pradesh. These are the Agra-Lucknow, Bundelkhand, Gorakhpur Link, and Purvanchal Expressways.

The charging stations will be strategically located so that EV users enjoy seamless charging facilities. The project is also going to boost Uttar Pradesh’s overall EV infrastructure. A lot of companies were bidding for the project. However, in the end, it was Adani Total Energies E-Mobility Limited that became the chosen company for this extensive project.

Six technically eligible contenders were bidding for this project. This includes big names like Tata Power EV Charging Solutions Limited and Tesco Charger Zone Limited. However, taking into consideration various factors like Adani’s prior experience in the airport sector and competitive prices, it was the Adani Group which ultimately bagged the project.

The global conglomerate also has a history of delivering quality services at cost-effective rates to the people. It is expected that the conglomerate will live up to its expectations and offer extraordinary services to the people of Uttar Pradesh through this project as well.

How Will the Project Benefit the People of UP?

The Adani Group has made a promise to offer affordable charging solutions to the EV owners of Uttar Pradesh. The cost is set at INR 9.74 per kilowatt hour, which is an extremely competitive pricing option. It will trigger the use of electric vehicles in the state and will also reduce the excessive financial burden on the vehicle owners out there.

It will also serve as a motivation for all those people relying on fuel-driven vehicles to make a transition to EVs and reduce their daily traveling experiences conveniently. 

The highways will come equipped with highly advanced green energy-enabled charging stations so that the vehicle owners have no problem in getting their vehicles charged. This will lead to an overall increase in the adoption of electric vehicles.

There will also be a drastic reduction in vascular emissions. The EV charging infrastructure is also going to play a huge role in ensuring that pollution levels are brought down. It will help our country in fulfilling its sustainability goals. The project will also make our country greener and cleaner.

The Adani Group’s projects to promote the development of EV charging infrastructure across different corners of India aligns with the goals of the government to promote e-mobility across different corners of the country.

The central government has extensive plans to build EV-ready highways on the Golden Quadrilateral as well. This is expected to cover around 6,000 km. The project will take place over a span of next 7 years. It will allow the conglomerate to recover from the crisis that it suffered from after the Hindenburg report Adani was released.

Adani’s EV Ventures:

Now, this is not the first time the Adani Group has forayed into India’s e-mobility sector. Previously, the business group also took up multiple ventures that were aimed at promoting the use of e-vehicles.

The government has recently ventured into the electric mass mobility segment. It submitted the bid for the tender offered by the state to Convergence Energy Services Limited for 3,600 electric buses, which will trigger the use of EVs in the public sector as well.

Just a few years back, the Adani Group had formed joint ventures with Evera Cabs to build EV infrastructure in different regions of Delhi and NCR. This was done as an initiative to bring down the rapidly increasing pollution level in Delhi.

The business group has enhanced plans to increase its hold over the EV sector further. This will not only allow the Adani Group to build an extensive reputation for itself but also lead the way towards a greener planet.


In this way, the Adani Group continues to increase its hold over India’s EV sector. Even with the Hindenburg report Adani rumors ongoing, the business group went on making massive investments in renewable energy in India. With time, we will continue to witness the global conglomerate getting involved in more such projects that will lead our country to sustainability.

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