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The Secrets of a Winning About Us Page

Your website is supposed to bring in new customers, advertise your products and services, and drive sales. The About Us page is a mere afterthought, right? Not really. Your About Us page differentiates you from a faceless organization and evokes trust among new users and potential clients.

It allows you to make a real connection with your audience and persuade them to do business with you. So, how do you write a compelling About Us page? Do you simply list down the milestones you have achieved as a business? Or do you just add a CTA at the end? Website content writing services use a winning formula to write this specific page. 

Tips to write an effective About Us page:

1. Nail the design

Similar to the rest of your website, your About Us page needs to be stunning. It must have a design that appeals to your target audience and must be accompanied by pleasing visuals. A crappy site makes visitors hit the back button faster than you can blink twice.

Pay close attention to the media files, including videos. Use crisp animations and make sure everything looks cohesive with your brand’s color scheme. A stunning page helps to draw attention so that you can guide users toward the next step in the marketing pipeline.

2. Share your brand’s mission or goal

Your business exists for a reason. You are trying to solve a problem, disrupt an industry, or share your creation with the world. Whatever the reason, turn it into a mission statement and add it to your About Us page.

Brand mission statements have a few key components:

  • Purpose – What you aim to achieve through your products and services.
  • Goals – How you help customers in a way your competitors can’t.
  • Values – Be it sticking to sustainability or traditions, how your brand values make you unique.

You can hire content writers in India to craft an amazing mission statement involving all three key components. Here are a few examples of amazing mission statements:

  1. IKEA: ‘To offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.’
  2. Shopify – ‘making commerce better for everyone.’ This one is short and sweet.
  3. Nike – ‘To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete across the world.’

3. Use your brand voice to connect with your audience

Even if you are an engineering company that sells heavy machinery, you can’t afford to be cold, analytical, and factual on your About Us page. Instead, you must establish an emotional connection with the users. SEO content writing services are aware of the

magnetic effect of an emotional brand voice since it makes a better and more genuine connection with the users.

4. Tell your story

Stories are the best tools that help you connect with your customers and turn them into loyal followers. Think about why you buy devices from Samsung, Google, or Apple instead of cheap Chinese brands. Even if the Chinese devices are better and affordable, they don’t have an inspiring story to share.

Powerful storytelling helps you stand out from the competition and compels users to choose your products and services. If you don’t have in-house writers, consider outsourcing content writing to experts who can create an incredible story that also amplifies your brand identity. It’s also important to keep it short, a 1-2 minute read. User attention is limited and they won’t waste it on reading thousands of words.

5. Add reviews along with social proof

As a business, your goal is to sell your products or services. That’s why you start off with a low trust score for new users. Instead, they are more likely to trust other customers who have bought your offerings and got genuine value out of them.

That’s why digital marketing companies in Indiarecommend adding social proof to your About Us page. Add the best reviews you got and the number of customers who have benefited from your products. If you are a service-based company, show off your impressive clientele, and the awards you have received. 

Apart from implementing these tips, don’t forget to tie it all down with an effective CTA (call to action). It may be a link that makes people sign up for your services or redirects them to your product page. It’s an action that you want the users to take. Creative CTAs help you gain new customers and measure the success of your About Us page.


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