Adani Calls Dharavi a Microcosm of India, Emphasises Redevelopment


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The goal of the Maharashtra government and Adani Realty joint venture, the Dharavi Redevelopment Project, is to rehabilitate the 2.8 sq. km. Dharavi slum region in Mumbai with higher-rise buildings and better infrastructure.

Sixty-eight thousand people, including both slum dwellers and owners of commercial businesses, will be uplifted as part of the Adani Dharavi project. The survey was started in March 2024 by the Dharavi Redevelopment Project Private Limited (DRPPL) and will take six to eight months to finish. The survey procedure entails: 

 Distinct numbers: The dwellings are assigned unique numbers by the DRPPL. 

 Laser survey: There is a laser survey for every lane, which is also referred to as the “lidar survey”. 

 Data gathering: The survey crew visits every apartment and gathers information from each tenant.

Challenges and Solutions

Along with planning and construction issues, the project will also provide demographic and people-related challenges. According to Srinivas, the CEO of the project, it will be the most difficult project Mumbai has ever seen—more complicated than the harbour link and the Mumbai Metro. 

Adani Realty won the bidding procedure with a quote of Rs. 5,069 crore for the project in November 2022. The Maharashtra government owns 20% of DRPPL, while the Adani Group owns the remaining 80%.

More Than a Strategy

Dharavi is more than simply a business strategy for Gautam Adani. In a statement released a day after the Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt. Ltd. (DRPPL) launched a poll to gather information from thousands of informal residents, Mr. Adani claimed to have seen the days when residents of this slum were busy crafting their lives’ ambitions despite countless obstacles. 

 “My second home is Mumbai.” I don’t think I’m an outsider in this place. Because Mumbai extends a warm welcome to everyone, the city is devoid of foreigners. I’m grateful and proud to have had the chance to spearhead Dharavi’s revitalisation. I have the deepest emotional connection to Adani Dharavi project out of all the work our organisation is doing. 

Dharavi- A Chance to Give Back 

Mr. Adani stated that Dharavi is not a business venture for him but rather a chance to give back and take part in the biggest shift in human history. In a March 19 press release, he declared, “I consider it my responsibility to change the lives of millions of people and build a new Dharavi with respect, security, and inclusivity.” 

Adani Realty and the Maharashtra government jointly own DRPPL. Mr. Adani recalled his experience in Mumbai, saying, “Like many others from across the nation, I too came to Mumbai in the late seventies with aspirations of becoming a major player in the diamond business. I have witnessed first-hand the life and struggles of people in Adani. 

The Adani Group pledges to protect and advance small and micro units in this area in addition to offering residents better living quarters. Dharavi in Mumbai will become a “modern city centre”, according to Adani Group, he stated.

 Experience with Large-Scale Projects

Gautam Adani went on to say that there are a variety of options for rehabilitating individuals, including MSME help desks, product- and service-based common facilities, research centres, data centres, and training centres for upskilling.

“In addition to gas, water, power, drainage, sanitisation, healthcare, and entertainment services, this space can also be used to build a top-notch hospital and school. You could think that this is unfeasible because there are approximately 7 lakh individuals who need this job done, but Adani Group has experience with large-scale projects. They have also demonstrated this numerous times,” he remarked. 


Given Gautam Adani’s ties to Mumbai and his perception of Dharavi as a miniature version of India, the project’s possible effects are compellingly illustrated. Even though there are major logistical challenges, Adani is dedicated to doing more than just erecting structures; it also wants to uplift the community and promote economic opportunity. His plan for a “modern city center” that incorporates infrastructure for education, assistance for small enterprises, and basic services would provide a model for inclusive and long-lasting slum rehabilitation, not just in Mumbai but throughout India. 

However, overcoming difficult social and economic obstacles would be necessary to turn Dharavi into a vibrant urban hub. Important factors to take into account include making sure that inhabitants receive fair compensation and relocation, protecting the community’s rich cultural heritage, and including unofficial enterprises in the new development plan. A sincere commitment to building a better future for all stakeholders, open communication with communities, and transparency will be essential to the Adani Dharavi Redevelopment Project’s success.

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