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What makes a website design great?

Many things makes a website design great .  An engaging website must fulfill its intended function by conveying its message while at the same time keeping the visitors engaged.

This is where factors like consistency, colors, functionality, imagery, and typography all play a crucial role. These are the things that make up a good website design in Ireland.

When designing a website, there are several factors that contribute to how the site is perceived. According to expert designers, a well-designed website builds trust. Thus, make sure that the site is built and optimized for functionality and usability.

Here are a few tips that you should consider while roping in a design agency to work on your website.

What makes a website design great
What Makes A Website Design Great? 1

Tips on making your website great

  • Website purpose:

Clearly, all websites should accommodate the needs of the user. Thus, having a clear intention or message on the pages will allow the users to interact with the website more easily. Your website should build your reputation, generate leads, and even facilitate sales and aftercare.

  • Simplicity:

When it comes to user experience and usability, simplicity is always the best way forward. You can attain this either through color, typography, or imagery.

Colors tend to evoke emotional responses and thus, find a color palette that best represents/ fits your brand.

Typography also commands attention and should be legible. Last but not the least, imagery heightens the visual aspect of all communication. Thus, all images used should be expressive and embody the brand’s personality.


  • Navigation:

Navigation is nothing but a wayfinding system that allows users to interact with the site and find what they’re looking for. Thus, it’s key to retain visitors.

If the website navigation is confusing, people will quit the website and look for other options. Thus, major design agencies working on website design in Ireland keep the navigation simple, intuitive, and consistent.


  • Visual Hierarchy:

The arrangement of all the website elements in order of importance is called visual hierarchy. This includes all the important aspects of the website together, such as the whitespace on the pages, typography, style, imagery, and more.

One of the key functions of visual hierarchy is to find a focal point, so that visitors can know where the relevant information is.


  • Grid-based layout:

Grids are a great way to keep your website design structured and the content organized. It helps in keeping the elements aligned and clean. The rigid grid structure feels balanced and imposes order, thus making the website look pleasing.


  • Quality content:

Good website design in Ireland isn’t simply about the alignment of elements, the website color, or the images on it. It also requires great content. By using compelling language, your business website can easily grab the attention of the visitors on the page, and can in turn convert them into customers.


  • Load time:

Don’t keep your website visitors waiting! Almost all website visitors expect the sites to load within 2 seconds. In fact, nobody likes waiting for websites to load and they 0ften end up leaving the site if it doesn’t load fast enough. Thus, when working with a design agency, ask them to optimize all images on the site so that the site loads quickly.


  • Mobile-friendly:

These days an increasing number of people use their phones to browse the web, and thus, it has become important to consider building a responsive website, one where the site can adjust to the different screen sizes of different devices.


Key takeaway

Hopefully, our brief but informative guide on the principles of good website design in Ireland helped you figure out how to make your business website better and what to expect from a professional web design agency.

Designing a good and functional website can be often challenging, but it isn’t impossible. There may be billions of websites online, but only a few thousand that can be considered good or functional.

To know more about great website design tips, feel free to comment below, and we’d be happy to help.



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