The key significance of a tenant verification procedure


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tenant verification procedure is imporant part for the landloard.

The potentiality to thoroughly inspect the tenant rental applications is the most pivotal step in becoming a successful landlord. Directing a tenant verification program can effectively minimize the possibilities that appear with less than absolute occupants like late or missed rent payments, property damage, and eviction.

Being a landlord, it is very much vital to grasp the rental verification method. Simultaneously it’s also pivotal to know how to run a tenant verification program, particularly when you’re new to the field.


What is the rental/tenant verification program?

It is very much crucial for the landlords like you as it provides a snapshot of the probable tenant’s rental history.

Verification is driven by doing background checks online via phone or email to get the actual insight into the applicant’s rental and financial history. This program also provides the landlords with a chance to ensure that the stats given by the applicant is genuine.

Though actual processing time differs, it usually takes near about 48 to 72 hrs. to complete the verification process. If the landlord has obtained multiple applications for the same property, then the entire procedure runs long.

Tenant verification procedure Steps

  1. Authenticity.

First of all, ensure whether the facts provided by your probable tenant are genuine! Let’s confront it, people can lie about almost everything, especially when there are better chances if they can’t qualify on merit. In case you don’t take it earnestly, then the chances of your providing rent to the sub-par tenant are more.

Always confirm the identity of an applicant using a government-issued identification card. This can be a state-issued driver’s license, passport, travel visa, or social security card. Once you have verified their identity, you can continue to verify the rest of the information given along with their rental application.


  1. Employment Verification.

The next thing you have to verify is the tenant’s employment status.  The rental applicants are asked to provide employment details, being a landlord, you have to ensure that the particulars provided by them are legitimate since it relates to employer and income information.

One of the decisive factors you should look at during rental verification is whether the job is permanent or temporary. A permanent job is symbolic of a steady income and confirmation that the application would have the means to pay rent constantly.

The tenant of a standard rental application consists of contact information for employers. By using this particular, you can contact the listed employers to assure whether the provided details are correct or may ask for supporting documents to prove their claim of working at the mentioned job.

The self-employed person does not have a pay stub though you can ask them for their tax returns. You should not consider those applications who are hesitating to provide their employment details, just proceed to the next.


  1. Income.

Partial or no rental payments are the major issues faced by a landlord. If the tenants don’t pay their rent constantly then the landlord has to think about the eviction process. For landlords, this process is very much tiresome and expensive.

To help to reduce this issue at the beginning, make verification of tenant’s income precedence. Ensure that tenants earn enough monthly income to constantly pay their monthly rent. Many landlords prefer to confirm whether the probable tenant’s gross monthly income is a minimum of three times the monthly rental amount.

In case you are not pleased with the documents that the rental application has provided then do not hesitate to ask for more relevant docs. about their income. You can ask for bank statements, pay stubs, or tax returns. By taking this additional step of caution on the front end, you can diminish the chances of having to evict the tenant later.


  1. Rental History.

Besides on-time rent payments, the vital consideration of many landlords is how anybody takes care of the property. No one will ever like to rent out a home to someone who has a background of spoiling an asset at the end of the lease. This creates an excessive financial burden on the landlords.

The greatest way to scrutinize a rental history of rental application is by approaching their previous landlords and asking about their experience with them.

Do not forget to ask specific questions that only the previous landlords know about them. To weed out any potential fake landlords’ references check monthly rent and dates of residency.

Also, scrutinize with them whether the applicant was ever on the verge of eviction or if they were evicted. Moreover, ask for any gaps in tenancy history if there are so. You should be concerned if a potential tenant is reluctant about sharing a complete rental history.


Bottom Line:

– Proper tenant verification is a method to help confirm your rent to a great tenant. Remember, no method of screening is foolproof.  The points we have provided here will help you to identify the red flags if there are any.

Make some time and utilize the option available to conduct a detailed verification beforehand to help avoid any problems later.














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