UPVC Stable Doors : A Perfect Fit for Homes in Northern Ireland !

UPVC Stable Doors A Perfect Fit for Homes in Northern Ireland

UPVC Stable Doors : A Perfect Fit for Homes in Northern Ireland !

UPVC stable doors come in a variety of designs and colours, meaning that you can pick a match for any home or business.

The incredible rise in technological advancements and evolution of the fenestration industry has introduced some highly-efficient and versatile doors in the market. UPVC doors are one such door product that’s recently trending in the UK market.

UPVC doors come in a wide variety of styles such as traditional, contemporary, cottage, stable, French, and sliding patio. Among all these door styles, stable doors have proved to be the perfect choice for a stunning and quaint entrance to homes in Northern Ireland.

Also known as Dutch or Double-Hung doors, UPVC stable doors are designed to operate as both a type of window and an exterior entrance door. Just like the farmhouse doors that are used for housing horses in stables, stable doors made out of uPVC feature a door split into two halves.

In a closed position, it looks exactly like a regular door, with the top and bottom portions secured to move together. However, you may choose to open the top half for ventilation purposes by releasing the center locking mechanism.

Features of uPVC Front or Back Doors (UPVC stable doors )

Are you still using a wooden stable door for your exterior entrance? Well, it’s time to install stable doors made up of uPVC. These high-quality and durable doors serve multiple purposes. So, without any further ado, let’s find the real features of uPVC-made stable doors that make them a perfect choice for external entrances.

  • Thermally Efficient:

Compared to timber or composite doors, uPVC door frames have excellent thermal insulating properties. They are capable of retaining heat and maintaining airflow into the room.

  • Secure:

Stable doors made up of uPVC come with multiple points locking systems. Both the top and bottom as well as the tilt and turn sections of the stable doors are secured with individual locks and multipoint locks around the frame.

  • Durable:

UPVC is an incredibly durable material and thus stable doors made up of uPVC are highly-efficient in withstanding harsh climatic conditions. They do not rot or corrode, even if installed in homes located near seaside where the salt content is high. It goes without saying that uPVC coating protects the doors from UV rays, thus preventing the stable door frames from fading out.

  • Color Range:

You need not worry about the color range while purchasing stable doors made up of uPVC. Among the wide range of colors available in the market, you can easily choose the one that best suits your taste, preference, and home décor. You may choose a wood-grain finish for a natural-looking door.

  • Easy Maintenance:

Unlike wooden or aluminum doors that require annual repainting, varnishing, or sanding, uPVC stable doors are easy to clean and maintain. They can easily resist the worst of the British weather without affecting the door frames. You just need to clean the doors periodically to prevent them from staining.

  • Fire Resistant:

Another amazing feature of stable doors made up of uPVC is that they are incombustible. These doors have a strong efficiency in resisting fire, thus preventing the spread of flames instantly.

  • Ventilation:

Stable doors made up of uPVC are suitable for every home environment. They provide excellent ventilation. Opening the top section of the stable doors allows a lot of fresh air to enter the room. Luckily, if you have a stable door installed in the kitchen area, it can effectively help in releasing cooking smells out of your home.

  • Eco-Friendly:

An uPVC stable door is usually made up of recyclable materials that are very tough, durable, and hardwearing. Switching from traditional wooden doors to uPVC doors not only helps in reducing deforestation effects but also saves energy that is otherwise used to heat homes in the UK.

  • Glazing Options

There are multiple ways of getting your stable doors glazed. Surprisingly, you may opt for glazing your stable doors without including glass. You can simply keep your stable doors solid both at the top and bottom.

However, if you want a specific portion of your UPVC stable doors to be glazed, you can easily get it done. You may either choose simple glazing options such as a “porthole” or a fancy transversal window bar arrangement.

Typically, a stable door made up of uPVC material usually comes with standard 24mm double glazing in Northern Ireland. Be it colored glass, leaded glass, or patterned glass, it should be toughened for glazing.



Hope this blog helped you understand why uPVC stable doors are perfect to be installed in UK homes. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home entrances but also offer versatile usages.

Installing a stable door made up of uPVC material in your home can be a great way to create a traditional and classic appearance. However, with so many manufacturers and suppliers available, be careful about choosing the right uPVC door company to install your new stable door.


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