The best tour from Bangalore: Dandeli Camps

The best tour from Bangalore: Dandeli Camps

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dandeli Camps is a good choice for a family holiday in the summer season. The resort is located near the beautiful Dandeli Beach. Dandeli Camps is one of the best tours from Bangalore. It is a small town located in the hinterland of south India. The town is known for its breathtaking beaches, dramatic rock formations, and unique wildlife.

Introduction to Dandeli Camps

Stay in a Hill Top Tree House at Dandeli’s Jungle Camp Resort while you explore this magical place. Dandeli Jungle Camp is situated in the peaceful, lush greenery of the Unexplored Jungles of Dandeli. The lush green forest is one of the real beauties you would rarely find, and here one can really feel the difference when they are awakened by the sweet rhymes of the birds singing and the fresh, cool air that gets into their lungs for a pleasant day ahead. 


A crisp morning where the grass is damp with dew, showering your feet and adding to your exotic feeling. The tranquil beauty of the jungles tempts you to explore and enjoy the freshness as you are enticed to go further.


The campground is located in a tranquil, isolated area not far from the major town. Beautiful landscape surrounds the Adventure camping in Dandeli tour package from bangalore. Shared tents or private rooms are your options. The lodge is clean, well-kept, and close to nature. The campground passionately plans a variety of exciting activities, such as night trekking, early morning nature hikes, bird watching, rafting, natural jacuzzi baths, archery, and cycling. Swimming in the Kali river is another activity that may be enjoyed. 

Going camping in the jungle, away from the busy towns, where you can hear the chirping of the birds and rest beneath a calm sky full of stars, can let you believe how precious life is. Camping allows you to enjoy yourself with your friends and family while taking in the breathtaking views of nature. Your meals, which are also included, can be used to fuel up before and after your activities.



Tempt your senses with the wild, natural landscapes of the unexplored forest’s rich, verdant forests. Consume the delicious lunch, which is available in vegetarian and nonvegetarian alternatives, to recharge for the exciting events of the day. You can take part in zip lining, archery, jungle hiking, the Burma Bridge, and a campfire. You can unwind by going for a nice swim in the pool. Spend the evening relaxing by the campfire while listening to some calming music. (7:15 PM – 9:15 PM). 

Make your way back to your camps to spend the night after enjoying a delicious dinner and indulging your palates. While watching the beauty of the sunrise, enjoy a delicious meal. You’ll check out of camp at the end of the journey, leaving behind a wealth of wonderful memories. For swimming, boating, kayaking, zorbing, and rivers, you can instead pay extra.




You will arrive at the camp about 12 PM, receive a camp orientation, and then be assigned a tent. Lunch will be served at around 2 PM, after which you can relax. After that, you can enjoy water sports like swimming in the Kali River and taking a natural jacuzzi bath. With unique icebreaker games and activities, you can make new friends while having a good time. Have your evening tea at 6 o’clock. At night, hike through the jungle. Take in the beautiful evening outdoors while listening to music and enjoying the campfire. Dinner will be served to you about 9:00 PM.



Rise early in the morning to witness the magnificent dawn. To satisfy your love of animals, go for a walk in the local nature and watch birds. Enjoy a pleasant breakfast. It’s thrilling to go rafting. After taking a deep breath, turn off.



With 5 rooms, it can house up to 20 visitors at the regular hotel rate of 3/4 sharing. It can accommodate up to 45 individuals in 15 tents who will split the cost of each tent by two-thirds. 20 people can fit in 2 rooms at the dorm, which has floors 1 through 14 and 1 through 6. Tents and dorms use shared facilities, while all rooms have attached bathrooms. Guests may stay here concurrently in an amount of up to 85. You can expect a very cosy and secure stay at the camp.


How to reach Dandeli Camps


Dharwad New Bus Terminal is 56.7 kilometres away and can be reached there in 1 hour and 20 minutes by auto or cab.



The distance from Dharwad Railway Station is 56.3 kilometres, and it takes an average vehicle/cab 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there.



Hubballi Airport is 66.4 km away and can be reached there in 1 hour and 34 minutes by car or taxi.


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