Ultimate Guide for Kudremukh Trek

Guide for Kudremukh Trek

Ultimate Guide for Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh trek is located in the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka. This trek is a famous trekking destination in India because of its rich biodiversity, scenic beauty, and historical significance.

One of the most popular trekking destinations in Karnataka would be the Kudremukh mountain range. This article provides detailed information about this trekking destination.


Trekking is a journey filled with thrill and excitement and mesmerizing surroundings. Kudrekmukh is located in the Chikamagalur district in Karnataka. Kudremukh Trek is a moderate-level trekking journey and can be easily planned on a weekend. The total trekking journey is 18km. The trekking journey includes traversing through Shola forest, streams, waterfalls, and lush green mist-filled valleys. There is an abundance of flora and fauna on the trekking trail and the surrounding.


The mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding keeps you going all along and adds spice to your journey. If you are lucky enough you might be able to spot wild animals like deer, sambhar, peacocks, etc.


About Trek, to Kudremukh

Kudremukh is a Kannada word for a horse’s face. Kudremukh peak has the distinctive shape of a horse’s face and hence has its name. The Kudremukh peak area is a natural reserve forest

The Kudremukh trek is one of the most popular treks in India. With its challenging terrain and beautiful vistas, the Kudremukh trek, also referred to as the Periyar Trail or the Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary Trek, has gained immense popularity in recent

Trekking is advisable in monsoons and winters as the atmosphere is mesmerizing with beautiful flowers and greenery. The trekking journey requires trekking on open grounds at places and hence trekking in summer must be avoided. 

Basic Details of the Trek

The trekking journey of Kudremukh trek has an elevation of 6,207 ft and the journey is of moderate level with a trekking distance of 18km. You will be able to experience a pleasant atmosphere and mesmerizing surroundings with plenty of streams and waterfalls. 

Best Time to plan for the Kudremukh Trek 

Winter and monsoon season is the best for planning the Kudermukh trek. During winters and monsoons, the weather is the best and most pleasing. Summers in Kudremukh is very hot and the air has a lot of humidity.

Number of Days for Trekking 

Kudrekmukh trek is a trekking journey of 18km and can be traversed in about 2 days, making it one of the best weekend trekking destinations.

Trail Type

The trekking journey is of moderate difficulty and has beautiful surroundings. The green forests and meadows accompany you on your journey. The mesmerizing flora and fauna make the journey worthwhile.

How to Reach 

Kudrekmukh trek is about 333km away from Banglore. The nearest railway station is Mangalore station which is 130 km from Kudrekmukh. Mangalore international airport is the nearest airport and Kalasa is the nearest town to Kudrekmukh National Park and is about 20km away. Kalasa is well connected with the roads of the Chikmagalur district.

Itinerary of Kudremukh trek.

Let’s have a look at the 2-day itinerary for the Kudremukh trek from Bangalore.

The forest department does not allow trekking after 6 pm and the journey to the top of the peak takes about 3 hours. The to-and-fro journey in total takes about 6 hours. 

Once you reach Kalasa from Banglore, travel to Kudremukh and take a rest. Your trekking journey will begin on the next day. 


Day 1: Trekking journey to Kudremukh Peak


The trekking journey has beautiful surroundings, abundant flora, and fauna. The route to Kudremukh from Chikmagalur is very beautiful. On your way, you will come across villages with coffee plantations and many streams and waterfalls. The trekking journey will take you through a tropical rainforest and you will be accompanied by 10 streams on your way. Your first day of trekking will end with lots of fun while camping with a warm bonfire and delicious dinner.


Day 2: Explore the surroundings and return back

Get up early and begin your trekking journey. On this day you will come across beautiful streams. You will explore the surroundings and experience the beauty of nature. You will be able to see numerous coffee plantations all around and the view is quite scenic. After reaching your final destinations and exploring the mesmerizing surrounding you will head back to the road trip and come back to Banglore.

Activities to do while on the Kudremukh trek

While on the Kudremukh trek you can carry out a bunch of amazing activities like,

  • Cross the Streams
  • Exploring the Coffee Plantations
  • Camping and Bonfire
  • Hiking and Trekking
  • Exploring and Crossing Waterfalls
  • Exploring the Natural Reserve Forest
  • Have a mesmerizing view of the Sunset and the Sunrise


Cross the Streams

On your trekking journey, you will be coming across several streams and you will enjoy crossing them. The streams and waterfalls make your journey worthwhile.


Explore the Coffee Plantations

You will see plenty of coffee plantations all around in the surroundings. The view of the coffee plantations is eye-catching. You can explore these plantations and even taste the local coffee.


Camping and Bonfire

While on the Kudremukh trek you will be enjoying camping with a bonfire in the night. Have a lot of fun with your fellow trekkers. You will also be served some delicious snacks and refreshments.


Hiking and Trekking

Kudremukh trek is a moderate trek and you will enjoy trekking very much. You will be trekking to the hills to see the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise. On your trekking journey, you will be accompanied by several streams.

Exploring and Crossing Waterfalls

Along with streams, waterfalls will also accompany you on your journey. The beauty of the waterfalls will mesmerize you for sure. The weather and the environment around the waterfalls are very pleasant.


Exploring the Natural Reserve Forest

On your trekking journey, you will be traversing through the Kudremukh Natural reserve Forest. If you are lucky enough you might also be able to spot some wild animals as Kudremukh Natural reserve Forest is home to many species of flora and fauna.


Have a mesmerizing view of the Sunset and the Sunrise

Once you reach the hilltop, you will be able to witness the golden sunset with beautiful streams and waterfalls at the backdrop. The weather is amazing during winter and you will be able to watch a mesmerizing sunrise at this time.



On your trekking journey, you will stay in a tent at night and enjoy camping with your fellow trekkers. During monsoon, you can enjoy staying at the Kudremukh campus, especially near the waterfall.



Kudremukh trek is a trekking journey filled with abundant flora and fauna. The streams and waterfalls make the journey worthwhile. After your journey to Kudremukh, you will take back sweet memories along with you that will last you a lifetime.