Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Going to modern era, the Impact of Technology on Society has changed in many aspects. Over the years, technology has enhanced and affected human life in several ways, from antiquity 2 solving problems of our day-to-day life. Back in the day, students struggle to develop dissertation papers and other types of academic papers.

However, times have changed, and technology has improved so many ways students can seek dissertation writing services and get top-quality solutions. Technology has influenced our lives in several ways, like it has made farming easier than before, it has made travel more convenient, etc.

Technology has connected all the countries and made the world smaller and unreachable. It has also contributed to globalization and allowed companies to grow extensively, even on foreign soil.

Every part of human life can be carried out virtually, which is much more effective and quicker when you have technical solutions at your fingertips. Impact of Technology on Society has lots of changes, This shows that humans can get rid of a few problems that come in the way.

Just like a positive impact, technology also has a negative impact on society. To know more about technology’s positive and negative effects on human life, check out the points below.

The positive impact of technology on society

The positive impact of technology on society
the positive impact of technology on society

Mechanization of Agriculture

To start with the positive impact of technology, why not talk about the mechanization of agriculture? When technology started to develop, and the agriculture sector began to use different machines, the ancient practices were well put to rest.

When you have quick and effective methods, then why use century-old techniques to practice agriculture? Machines and technological systems, including robots, have replaced the age-old farming systems, which used animals and manual labourers.

When the agricultural sector started using machines and technologies, it took off, and there was an abundance of food resources to feed more and more people.

Improvement of Transportation

When you think about the improvement in transportation, you can notice a few significant examples like the advent of trains, cars, speed boats, airplanes, buses etc. which has made it possible for people to travel long distances in a shorter time.

If technology hadn’t impacted the transportation system and telecommunication, then the world would not have been able to evolve so quickly. In the modern world, people can reach any destination with ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, both of which are quite inexpensive, and you can reach your destination quickly.

Trading and business cannot be possible if people had to travel long distances over a long period of time, but with all these transport facilities, trading and business have flourished rapidly.

Improvement in Communication

Decades ago, people had to communicate using birds and send smoke signals, but technology has made it possible to improve communication. In our advanced society, everything is more efficient and faster, and communication has become quite feasible because people are connected globally through phone calls, email and video calls.

People no longer have to stay in a queue to send a letter or post a telegram because through email and app messaging, people can communicate in seconds.

In addition, they can have video and voice conferences over the Internet without disturbance.

Moreover, businesses can expand their branches in foreign countries and keep in touch through calls, video calls and other ways.

Improving the Education and Learning Process

The most significant effect humankind has received from the advancement of technology is in the education sector.

Back in the days when education was limited to the traditional classroom setting, there were fewer resources and narrow scope of learning.

Still, technology has made it possible for students to learn different programming languages and learn about a forgotten part of history. In addition, students can read journals in online seminars and know the guidelines required to develop academic papers.

Students can also seek online academic writing help from experts who can offer them a solution at pocket-friendly prices.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Society

The Negative Impact of Technology on Society
the negative impact of technology on society

Pollution Increase

Regarding the negative impact of technology on society, the most important point is the increasing pollution.

Industries are growing and expanding, which is increasing pollution because industries are burning resources and polluting the air and other elements of nature.

This includes several important resources like fossil fuel, which is causing global warming, the emission from the burning of fuels, the generation of solid quest that companies are dumping without any treatment, etc.

All of these cause acute and chronic illness, and it is also increasing cancer. There is no denying that climate change is real; however, it is a controversial topic, research shows that Global warming is a threat to humankind, and to avoid it, companies need to think about how they are going to discharge the waste so that the environment and human beings do not get affected.

Areas in which technology changed our lives


Apart from the ones that are already mentioned, technology has also changed human life when it comes to lifestyle. People have become more used to using shopping apps than physically going into the market and choosing things.

Instead, people are more inclined towards using online apps like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa etc., that offer excellent services and deliver at the doorstep.

Technology has midge life for the aged people and the younger generation who do not have any time to go on shopping, so shopping app comes in handy as they can get fresh food, groceries codes, beauty products, gadgets, etc.


In the health sector, the advancement in technology helped by developing innovative products like smart bracelets in health apps which allows people to check different things related to their health like monitoring chronic illness, altering and analysing habits etc. Moreover, hospitals also have computer systems with high security because they want to maintain patients’ privacy.

Doctors can use apps to check on the health of their patients using WiFi that allows nano pills. Most hospital systems have computer documentation of patients and everything related to their health, allowing them to have a record without searching through piles of papers.

The above-mentioned points choose the positive and negative sides of technology that impact human life. Well to be known the positive and The Negative Impact of Technology on Society.

Author bio-Olivia Chiote is a full-time writer at Students can connect to her for dissertation writing services as she has years of experience in the field and has been curating dissertation papers for years.


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