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How to Add a Facebook Giveaway to WordPress business site to Boost Engagement

Do you want to add a Facebook comp in WordPress to increase engagement?

A blog can obtain more additional someone to see your Facebook business page and interact with your site’s content. wordpress plugin development services However, they really decide to follow your page or group, If these people like what they see. In this blog, we will show you how to smoothly add a Facebook comp in WordPress to increase engagement and get some excessive followers.

Why Create a Facebook Giveaway on a WordPress business site?

Social media contests can help you gain new followers and increase your following on various platforms. still, Unlike some other platforms, Facebook does not allow you to offer gifts to relish or follow your page. wordpress plugin development services This is a big deal if you want to increase your Facebook followers.

The good news is that these guidelines do not prevent you from asking people to visit your Facebook page or interact with certain posts. To illustrate, callers can participate in a contest by liking their latest Facebook post or giving their opinion on a picture.

This can get more business to your group and will increase engagement for certain posts on your Facebook page. If your page has a lot of good content, these people may decide to follow your page. This way, you can follow Facebook without breaking the rules.

still, well you can often add several entry styles to a single competition, If you use a plugin it gives you flexibility. wordpress service provider To illustrate, a caller might be suitable to enter a contest by liking a Facebook post or subscribing to your post’s newsletter. This means you can still get that person’s contact information and generate leads if they choose not to follow you on Facebook.

Build your first Facebook giveaway Campaign

The first thing you need to do is install and download the Raffle Press plugin. The first thing you need to do is install and download the Raffle Press plugin. bespoke wordpress development You will find this information in your account on the Raffle Press website. After that, click on the ‘corroborate crucial’ button. On the screen that comes up, you have to give your Facebook contest a name.

You can use whatever you want, but it’s best to choose a name that helps you identify your Facebook comp in your WordPress dashboard. wordpress plugin development services Raffle Press has ready-made templates for custom claims similar to social media contests to increase your points.

You can choose a stylish template to suit your pretensions, but for this friend, we will use the ‘Classic Comp’ template because it allows us to generate a Facebook comp from scratch.

By creating a Facebook contest catalog in advance, you will also have time to promote the giveaway. This helps you create a sense of excitement and anticipation before the contest goes live. bespoke wordpress development To record a Facebook comp, simply enter the date and time into the ‘comp starts’ and ‘Giveaway ends’ sections. Add additional actions to your Facebook Giveaway

Now let’s add some actions, which are ways that callers can take part in the contest, similar to subscribing to a podcast, joining a post newsletter, or visiting a Woo Commerce product in your online store.

To see the different actions you can add to your Facebook contest, click on ‘actions. ‘ To add an action to the comp, just click. custom wordpress web design If you like the way you create your Facebook comp, don’t forget to click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Create your Facebook Giveaway to stand out

Now that your Facebook account is set up, you can change the look of the contest. Just switch to the ‘Design’ tab, and you’ll see options to choose a new button color, change the source, and more. wordpress plugin development services Raffle Press allows you to embed a Facebook contest in a page or post, or publish it as a separate landing page.

Still, you can also add a background image or change the background color, If you want to post a Facebook comp as a stand-alone page. custom wordpress development To add an image, scroll to the ‘Background Image’ section and click ‘Select Image. ‘ You can now choose an image from your media library or upload a new site.

Adjust Giveaway settings in a business site

Now that your Giveaway looks good, let’s check the settings by switching to the Settings tab. Most of these options are self-explanatory, but we will examine them one by one.

You can then set the entry parameters for the giveaway, including whether you will show the winner of the giveaway and the total number of entries. Next, you can create rules to join the Facebook campaign by selecting the “Giveaway Rules” tab.

Raffle Press comes with a rule generator that will create rules for the crusade using sample templates. A form will open where you can enter some information about the Facebook contest.

Add a Facebook Giveaway to your WordPress business site’s post or page

There are many different ways to add Raffle Press to your WordPress site.

You can add a contest to a page or post by using the Raffle Press block. This is a great option if you want to run a Facebook contest on a blog post or other pages.

To get started, just open the page or message you want to include in the composition. You can also choose the correct block when it appears. After adding the block, open the drop-down menu and select the Facebook computer you created earlier.

Block Raffle Press will now upload your affiliate training to the giveaway in the WordPress block editor. wordpress design and development services You can also post or update pages to keep the contest live on your WordPress blog or website. You can also add compositions to pages, messages, or device-ready areas using shortcodes.

Enable the giveaway on Facebook

However, it is also wise to start promoting the contest before it is published in the Facebook contest is going to be a big success. By doing some work before publishing your composition, you can increase the chances of your crusade going viral, which will help you get more records and claim your claim.

You can start by sending newsletters to your customers and posting Facebook contests to other social media bios.

Another option is to create a floating bar with comp links using a plugin like OptinMonster. custom wordpress development services You can really use FOMO on your WordPress site to get more entries by adding a timekeeper preamble to your floating bar.

You can actually take out an ad on the web asking your followers to enter a contest or mention Musketeers or family members who want to enter a Facebook contest.


We hope you like this blog. wordpress plugin development services These are all about how to add Facebook giveaways to wordpress business sites to boost engagement. If you looking for a responsive website development company and want to add Facebook giveaways to your business site or create new sites then contact 8therate.






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