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Chakka Panja 3 | Nepali Full Movie

Chakka Panja 3 is the best Nepali movie full of enjoyment. Watch online this Nepali full movie from chakka panja movies series.

CHHAKKA PANJA 3 is one of the super hit Nepali Movie New of the year 2020/2077  . This movie is sequele of chakka panja movie seriese by deepak dipa prduciton.  There has been alreay super hit movie as chakka panja 1 an chakka panja 2 .

The movie is brought to you by Aama Saraswati Movies of  Deepak Deepa’s production.  The movie is full of comedy with a social movie.

The Nepali full movie contains Deepak raj Giri, Deepa, Priyanka Karki as the lead roles in the movie. Besides Magne Budha, Mundre, Shivahari Poudel are the major comedy actors included in this movie.  These movies casts are most same as from  of CHHAKKA PANJA Team


Nepali Movie New | Chakka Panja 3 | Watch Nepali Full Movie online

This Nepali Full Movie is shared from the youtube.

Chakka Panja 3 | Nepali Full Movie Casts

  • Deepak Raj Giri
  • Deepika Prasain
  • Priyanka Karki
  • Kedar Prasad Ghimire (Magne Buda)
  • Jeetu Nepal (Mundre)
  • Neer Shah
  • Shiva Hari Paudel
  • Kiran KC
  • Buddhi Tamang





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