Best Time to Find Cheap Flights


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The best time to find cheap flights can save you money on your travel expenses. Finding cheap flights can be a challenge, but knowing the best time to book can save you a significant amount of money. Learn the tips and tricks for finding the best deals and when to book your flights.

While searching for the best time to find cheap flights, you will often come across the word ‘early booking’. From travel agents to travel experts, everybody tells you to book your flight tickets as early as possible to get the cheapest airfare. Although booking flights in advance helps you cut down on your ticket cost, it’s not applicable all the time.

Then what is the best time to book flights? What is the best day to book flights? What is the best time to fly? Find all your answers here and check the factors to consider before booking your next flight ticket.

Best Time To Find Cheap Flights
Best Time To Find Cheap Flights

Cheapest Day to Book a Flight

Buying flight tickets on Tuesday will save you more!

People often believe in the myth that Tuesday is the best day when it comes to booking plane tickets. However, the reality is waiting till Tuesday to buy your ticket will not save you any money. In fact, in some cases, it may cost you more!

Nobody is denying the fact that buying tickets midweek may reflect a few dollars in savings. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays are found 1.9% cheaper than weekends. But if your itinerary is just a few days away, it’s recommended not to wait and book your tickets to avoid any last-minute rush.

 Best Period to Book a Flight

If you would ask how far in advance I should book flight tickets, the answer is ‘it depends’. The ideal duration is different from buying domestic and international flight tickets.

For domestic trips, the ideal duration is 45 to 90 days ahead of your departure date. However, international trips require more time for planning. For international itineraries, the best duration to buy flight tickets is approximately 2 to 8 months before the departure date. Sometimes, planning your international trip 10 to 11 months in advance also works.

Keep in mind that these are the average duration for booking tickets. It doesn’t mean that you must buy your flight tickets within the specified time period. This is just for reference.

This guide provides tips and strategies for finding the most affordable airfares.


 Best Time to Book Flight Tickets

There is no such time of the day for getting the cheapest airfare. However, fluctuations in ticket prices can be seen in some conditions.

If you are buying a plane ticket to the US on Tuesday, booking at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time) may help you. Otherwise, if Sunday is your preferred day to buy air tickets, try booking around 5:00 a.m. (eastern time).

As already mentioned, no such time is known as the best time to find cheap flights. Still, you can try the time specified above.


Cheapest Day to Fly

Are you on Search for the cheapest day of the week to fly? After thorough research, it is found that weekdays are way more affordable to fly than weekends.

Whether you are going for a domestic itinerary or an international trip, the best days to fly are meant to be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. On average, the flights departing on these days are 12% more economical than flying on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If international flights are excluded, the savings can go up to 20% for domestic flights.

Considering weekends, Saturday is found as the cheapest day to travel. With the majority of travelers departing on Thursday or Friday and coming back on Sunday, Saturday tends to be the cheapest weekend day.

 When is the Worst Time to Fly?

Undoubtedly, holidays are the busiest time to plan your itinerary because most people go somewhere to celebrate holidays. Flight tickets are notoriously expensive during this time. Not only are the prices higher but the airports are also jam-packed during this season. Be it summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, holidays tend to be the worst time to fly.

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Bottom Line

Ultimately, no amount of data analysis or research can give you a crystal ball to figure out the best time to find cheap flights. However, you can try out the information shared and save money on your next flight booking.

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