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Bengal Handloom Sarees: A Paradise for Saree-Lovers

Sarees are the first love of Indian women. Handloom sarees steal the show always and a few Bengal handloom sarees are a must in the wardrobe of any woman.

It is hard to find an Indian woman who is not passionate about saree. The love story between the six yards and a woman is priceless. Sarees are great for every occasion. From the modern chic to the traditional look, sarees can be draped in any way. Among all other sarees, an authentic handloom saree stands to be a worthy addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

One of the prime reasons is that you can pair them with any accessories and can team them with crop tops, shirts and even the traditional blouse to get the desired look for any occasion. Recently, we celebrated National Handloom Day on the 7th of August.

So, it is a great chance to look at the handloom sarees that one must have in the wardrobe for every event. Plus, these sarees are widely available in various online boutiques, making them easier to add to your collections.

West Bengal is the storehouse of several indigenous industries. A wide collection of Bengal handloom cotton sarees is available that will make anyone fall in love with these yards all over again. However, there are a few Bengal Handloom sarees that all saree lovers must have. Collecting these sarees is similar to an addiction, but a healthy one!

Top 5 Bengal handloom sarees that you must have

Handloom sarees are a lifesaver. From casual meetings to office parties, they make you look glamorous and flawless. They create the right impression that you need to carry on any occasion.

1.  Cotton Jamdani Saree

Cotton Jamdani is one of the best-selling boutique sarees in Kolkata and all around India. Historically, Jamdani is a fine muslin textile produced for centuries in Bangladesh. It is typically woven using a mixture of cotton and gold thread.

The weaving of the Jamdani saree is believed to be a blend of ancient techniques of Bengal and Mughal cloth making. For every Bengali woman, having a jamdani is pretty basic. However, the motifs, textures and the look of a jamdani are nothing less than a luxury.

2.  Murshidabad Silk Saree

Luxury and glamour are the words that are synonymous with silk sarees. When it comes to depicting excellent craftsmanship, Murshidabad tops the chart.  It is famous for its finest quality silk and intricate designs. The quality of their silk is largely dependent on the weaving technique they use.

The signature of these sarees is marked by maroon and red borders with gold zari. They are also famous for their handprints and wooden block designs and most importantly a plethora of ways to style them up. Pair it with a designer blouse or a crop top with junk jewellery and heels is a can’t-miss styling idea.

3.  Soft Bengal Cotton

Available in a variety of prints, motifs, textures, and embroideries, Bengal cotton is elegance at its prime. If someone looks for soft Bengal cotton, they can search for a saree boutique near me and get an array of options. From daily wear to draping them for special occasions, this saree is a best friend. You can choose to keep the look simple or pep it up with a printed sleeveless blouse or your favourite baubles.

4.  Dhaniakhali Tant Saree

Probably the most beloved traditional handloom saree of all time is the Dhaniakhali Taant. Growing up, we all have seen our mothers and grandmothers adorning this piece of six yards with utmost pride.

Dhaniakhali is a village in Chinsurah, West Bengal and is one of the oldest places to have indigenous industries. The European settlement helped the cotton industry thrive as they had their fair share of investment in the industry.

Dhaniakhali Tant is often referred to as a golden crop for its vibrant colours. From the traditional narrow borders to contemporary themes, motifs and patterns – this saree has gone through a gradual change. But, the supremacy of the Resham paar is unmatched even today. 

5.  Begumpur Cotton Saree

Begampur Cotton Saree is the personal favourite of every bong woman. From Bengali working mothers wearing sarees to work every day to a young woman draping her first saree, the Begampuri saree has a deep connection to every Bengali household.

This distinguished saree can be easily identified by the designs and ‘shiur’ and the beautiful contrasting colours. This lightweight and translucent saree is also emphasized with narrow borders, and striped and figured motifs.

Simple accessories go best with this saree. Simply adding a neckpiece or an earring, makes one appear like a diva. Most Bengali mom simply wears a bangle and a bindi – one needs nothing more to look like a goddess.


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