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Adani Power Appoints New CFO to Be Effective from 1 April 2024

This power transfer is seen as a highly strategic business move taken up by the Adani Group to acquire better control over its finances after the Adani Group controversies.

The Adani Power Limited board has recently appointed Dilip Kumar Jha as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. This will be effective from 1 April 2024. This power transfer is seen as a highly strategic business move taken up by the Adani Group to acquire better control over its finances after the Adani Group controversies. It will also lead Adani Power to the path of prosperity. With this transition, the company will also be able to manage its finances much better and take up more projects in the future.

The Newly Appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Adani Group

Shailesh Sawa will step down from his current position as Chief Financial Officer of the company. He will be transitioning to a new role, which will be effective from the closure of the business hours on 31 March 2024. Jha has been presently serving the role of the head of the Finance and Accounts department within the Adani portfolio of companies. He will take up the role of the Chief Financial Officer, a Key Managerial Personnel, categorised as Senior Management Personnel, commencing from 1 April.

Shailesh Sawa’s Transition to The New Role

Shailesh Sawa was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer in July 2020, and he has been holding the office for over 3 years now. During his time as the CFO, he has helped the company acquire excellent financial stability.

A lot of new acquisitions were also made. However, as per the discussions made by the top officials from the Adani Group, it is time for Sawa to take up new responsibilities. He will transition from his current position to a new role in Group Regulatory Engagement for Adani’s portfolio of companies.

The Leadership Change

The transition is a part of the leadership capability development initiative taken by the Adani Group across the Adani portfolios after the Adani Group controversies. It is being done to fuel the long-term vision of the Adani Group to increase employee engagement, build people capacity and create a pool of committed leaders in a respectful, diverse, and equitable workplace. Many discussions were held between the Adani Group officials, after which Jha was appointed the CFO. A lot of other leadership changes are also taking place across the various business sectors of the Adani Group.

The Adani leadership acceleration program is a 6-year structured capability enhancement mentorship and leadership development program implemented across the various subsidiaries of the Adani Group. The aim is to develop leaders with high values rooted in the ethics of good governance, social equity, and sustainability.

By doing so, the Adani Group will be able to ensure that the portfolios are in the best hands. The employees will also be offered suitable conditions to work. That way, they can put in their best efforts and allow the Adani Group of companies to acquire maximum outcomes. The business profitability will also continue to increase.

The Importance of Leadership

The Adani Group has always been quite stringent about its various leadership initiatives. Time and again, it has taken various steps to maintain proper leadership across its portfolio. The company also values and promotes leadership in individuals. So, it is taking multiple steps to ensure a strong leadership across its different subsidiaries.

The leadership program will help the conglomerate achieve its business goals. It will ensure that the Adani Group can walk the path of success in the upcoming years. The program will also allow the global conglomerate to remain prepared for situations like the Hindenburg case, which led to the birth of multiple Adani Group controversies. The employees working for the Adani Group of companies will find it easier to perform their job responsibilities with a strong leader.


With Dilip Kumar being elected as the new CFO, the company’s operations are expected to improve. The Adani Group will also experience massive success in the future. We will be able to witness new projects being undertaken. The financial stability will also improve over time.


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