Why Should You Live In a Passive Home?

Why Should You Live In a Passive Home?

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Are you planning to build a house and wondering if a passive home design would be appropriate? Here are the things that will motivate your decision-making positively.

Imagine living in a house with the least temperature variations in each room, no heating and cooling bills, and offering the kind of comfort you need. If such attributes sound too good to be true, you have yet to soak in the benefits of living in a passive home.

Fortunately, people living in passive habitats enjoy such cosy comfort. Wondering what a passive house is? It is a kind of construction where your house has a built-in interior climate, providing comfortable living conditions. Such houses can be maintained without installing heating and cooling systems.

The source of heat for passive homes is the sun’s rays. Unlike the solar panels in various traditional homes, the design and construction of passive homes capture the sun’s rays in the form of heat. Therefore, passive houses eliminate the requirements of installing furnaces or fireplaces just like conventional homes.

Are you planning to build a custom home from scratch and already discussing your plans with various custom home builders in Kelowna?

Here is why you should be living in a custom-made passive house.

1.     Reducing the Environmental Impact

Well, many passive homes may not exist for now, which may lend your house a celebrity status. Are you not comfortable with your home becoming one-of-a-kind? Well, you may feel relaxed and happy about building a passive house and playing a role in minimizing the environmental impact.

2.     Offset the Home Building Cost

There is no denying that building a passive house costs more than a traditional home. But when you build a custom home replicating the passive design construction, you will get the desired value.

Wondering how? The prices of materials and the high construction cost can be offset through a lower maintenance cost over a period. The small footprint of the passive house is its key aspect and not the money you spend for building the house.

If you compare the money that goes into energy costs annually, you will understand why living in a passive house is more cost-effective than living in a traditional home.

3.     Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

The low maintenance cost of custom homes is a primary reason why you will enjoy peace of mind as a homeowner. Furthermore, the robust construction design also protects your home from outside weather influences like rain, wind, and snow.

Such is the magic of a passive home that the indoor climate remains stable when the weather outside is violent and you are experiencing frequent power outages. Finally, the high-quality materials that the custom house builders ensure a longer life span and fewer chances of repairs and replacements.

Bellamy Homes is a renowned custom and semi-custom home builder constructing homes with unparalleled features that are attention-grabbing. They can recommend more reasons to build a passive house.

4.     Improved Indoor Air Quality

Passive houses induce a comfortable environment indoors. Apart from each room having a consistent temperature, the design construction allows the free flow of filtered and fresh air, limits the pollutants indoors, and creates a cozy and comfortable living space.

5.     High-Quality Insulation

The reason why many people insist on building a passive house with custom features and attributes is the kind of protection that the home’s protective features are concerned with.

Accordingly, the passive house comes with a giant envelope of insulation surrounding it. With a high level of insulation, heat loss can be mitigated to a great extent and there won’t be a need to install a heating system just like traditional houses.

6.     High-Performing Windows

Ask a Kelowna contractor and you will know that windows are often the weakest links in various homes as they play a significant role when in heat loss and gain. That is why passive homes have triple-glazed energy-efficient windows.

Such high-performing windows need to stay in the right position to ensure that your new home gets adequate heat or light.

7.     Sound-Proofing Your Home

The design construction of a passive house and the attributes like high-performing doors, walls, and windows, such aspects are of great ices for noise reduction. If you are keen to create a movie-hall-like ambiance in your bedroom, the passive home’s improved acoustics will better support your choice.

8.     No Reliance on Outside Power

If you think that building a passive house is going off the grid, you are wrong. It simply means that your abode is no longer relying on non-renewable power sources.

Are you still wondering if building a passive house is the right decision to make? They are not only futuristic but also offer a plethora of other benefits where you can turn your home into a haven with energy-efficient features that offer a perfect concoction of living with a free mind.

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