Unbounce Pricing Plan in 2022

Unbounce Pricing Plan in 2022

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Entrepreneurs and small enterprises who are just getting started with web marketing are the target audience for the Launch plan.

Unbounce is a landing page builder, so it’s no surprise that they offer pretty comprehensive pricing plans to fit your needs.

What is Unbounce pricing plan ?

Unbounce is a great platform that allows you to create landing pages fast and easily. In this post, I’ll outline their pricing plans and hopefully help you make an informed decision.

Unbounce is a landing page builder that makes landing pages easy. If you’re just starting out, you can use Unbounce to create your landing pages in minutes.

The Unbounce Pricing Plan is great for people and companies who have a single product, service, or website.

At this low-end pricing tier, Unbounce offers an extensive range of useful features for its customers. With the Launch plan, you may utilise an unlimited number of landing pages as well as popups and stick bars, which is a huge advantage for businesses who are just getting started with online marketing

Because it is capped at 20,000 unique visitors per month, this tier’s monthly traffic constraints may pose a problem for your business. Let’s break down the pricing of Unbounce and its features.

Importantly, this Launch Tier only provides you with 500 Conversions to work with. Conversions take place when a visitor accomplishes a goal, such as by finishing a lead generating form or clicking on a button that prompts them to take some sort of action. It’s likely that you’ll need to upgrade to the Optimize tier as soon as you hit your limit in the Conversions area, which is the case for many customers.

In addition, Unbounce provides complete access to all of their editable landing templates and pop-ups when you subscribe to this plan. To reiterate, this function is often only available on higher tiers with many providers.

They have undergone testing to determine their level of convertibility, and they are tailored to a variety of campaigns such as the creation of leads and the introduction of products. Furthermore, they are built in accordance with the requirements of various business industries.

There are occasions when you could find it desirable to construct landing page campaigns in a different time zone or according to a certain email marketing release timetable. Or perhaps you want to post something but are not currently in the vicinity of a computer. The Launch plan allows you to arrange these launches at your convenience.

Additionally, the sophisticated targeting option enables you to target individuals in a precise manner by location or nation, as well as select what customers view depending on the history of their cookies.

These templates, when paired with the drag-and-drop landing page builder provided by Unbounce, make it possible for you to construct sales pages in virtually any format you can imagine. Through the use of the Style Guide function, your company’s branding may be shown with this tier on each and every landing page.

The Smart Builder, which functions as an alternative landing page builder and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce landing pages with improved conversion rates, is also featured. After that, Copy Insights will make suggestions for headers that are conversion-optimized depending on the text that you are currently composing.

Launch Plan Restrictions

Accelerated mobile pages, often known as AMP, are only available on plans that are higher than the Accelerate level. When it comes to mobile advertisements, they have the potential to improve engagement and convertibility.

If you are mobile-focused, it may be worthwhile to analyse the conversion rate at both tier levels and determine whether or not the extra monthly charge associated with the Accelerate level is justified by the greater conversions that may be achieved with AMP pages.

With the Launch plan, you are restricted to using Unbounce landing pages on only one website.

With this Launch plan, you will only receive two separate User logins in total.

Optimize Plan

The most significant improvement made by upgrading to the Optimize plan is an increase in the number of conversions from 500 to 1,000. Additionally, the maximum number of visitors allowed each month has been doubled from 20,000 to 30,000.

As your company expands and you build additional ads and popups to cover your expanded reach and audience, upgrading to Optimize will often be a logical evolution that you will need to take in order to accommodate your expanding needs.

One of the most notable advantages offered by Unbounce is complete access to A/B split testing for customers on the Optimize plan and higher.

It is a feature that many businesses would pay extra for on other landing page software since it is such an important factor in increasing the number of people who make a purchase after seeing a website’s landing page.

At this price point, you will also get access to Smart Traffic. This tool will automatically link your audience with the landing page variant that will result in the highest conversion rate for them, depending on the outcomes of their past visits.

When activated, Smart Traffic will immediately begin collecting data on the most effective path to direct your site’s users, taking into account factors such as time zone, geotargeting, device kind, and other characteristics that influence conversions. Insights and reports will also be generated by it, making it simple for you to determine what steps need to be performed in order to maximise conversions.

Accelerate Plan

The Accelerate package gives users access to all of Unbounce’s services while also boosting the monthly limit of conversions to 2,500. Additionally, the restriction for the number of unique visitors each month has been raised to 50,000.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the one and only additional feature that becomes accessible if you upgrade to the Accelerate plan (AMP). Using AMP will result in enormous improvements to the speed of your mobile landing page, as well as higher ad performance and conversions.

If you need greater plan limitations, you may upgrade to Unbounce Concierge Plans, which come with individual onboarding and full implementation help anytime it’s needed. These plans can be arranged for through our Help Center. In order to upgrade to one of these levels, you will be required to schedule a demonstration with a member of the support staff.


Unbounce is a landing page builder that helps you make the most of your website. The pricing model is simple: There is only one plan that you can buy, and you can use it for one site.



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