6 Tips to Fix Garage Door Not Opening

6 Tips to Fix Garage Door Not Opening

Sunday, June 16, 2024

When you have a Garage Door Not Opening, you need to fix it. You may solve problem by your self. So, when your garage door does not open or close properly, there are several things you can do to solve the problem. The most common problem involves the photo-eye sensor, which is usually located at the bottom of the door.

There are other lots of problems that can be fixed easily with little knowledge. Here we are discussion to fix these problems in easy ways. These are 6 Tips to Fix Garage Door Not Opening problem.

6 Tips To Fix Garage Door Not Opening
6 Tips To Fix Garage Door Not Opening

1. Cleaning the lens and clearing the sensor

It detects whether the motor is running or not and prevents the door from moving. However, if this sensor does not work, you must adjust the limits. A quick fix for the problem involves cleaning the lens and clearing the path between the sensor and the door.

2. Maintain photo-eye sensors

Another common problem with garage doors is their photo-eye sensors, which detect whether an object is blocking the mechanism. If the photo-eye is obstructed, the sensors will not work correctly.

A technician can usually spot this by watching the lights on the door and listening for clicking sounds. Sometimes, the LED lights may be clogged, dirty, or misdirected. If this does not work, a professional can repair the antenna. In addition to these, the other causes are faulty wiring or a malfunctioning logic board.

3. Repair Cable  or broken torsion spring

A broken torsion spring or cable can also cause the door to close when hit with a remote control. If the cable is broken, it is best to contact a service company.

If the door is unable to close or open at all, the button may be stuck or a different type of obstruction is present. Another possibility is that the opener has malfunctioned in the limit settings. This issue can be extremely frustrating.

4. Fix the Photo Eye Problem

You can first check the photo-eye to see if the sensor is misaligned. Over time, the photo-eye can become dirty or dusty, and blocking the beam of light. In this case, you should have a technician check the lens. If it is not, you might need to replace the spring system. It will be easier to fix the problem yourself if you have an extra pair of hands.

Before you call a service provider, you should first check the photo-eye. If it is in the “Lock” mode, the garage door will not respond to the remote. If it does, you must use the wall control to unlock it. The technician will check the photo-eye and its position if it is not moving. If it is moving, it will be in the “Vacation” mode. If this is the case, the remote control may be misaligned or the camera may need to be reset.

The photo-eye is the safety sensor of your garage door. If the photo-eye is not functioning, then the door may not open. If the photo-eye is malfunctioning, contact a service professional. Your technician will fix the problem and make your garage safe again. Your problem can be fixed in the end. Don’t wait until it is too late to fix it. Try these simple tips to solve garage-door issues.

5. Repair keypad with battery replace and reprogramming

A simple solution to the problem of a non-functioning keypad is to replace the battery in the keypad. Keypad issue cause Garage Door Not Opening too. Usually, this is enough to fix the problem.

Besides replacing the battery, you should also reprogramme the keypad.b Reprogramming the keypad will allow you to open or close your garage door. If your opener has a manual, you can find it easily. This will be helpful for troubleshooting the problem of your garage door.

If the garage door is not opening properly, you must first identify the cause of the problem. You may be trying to open the door, but it is not working properly.

If this Garage Door Not Opening  is the case, try to find the cause of the problem. If you are unable to locate it, you can call a professional who will repair it. Then, you should try the tips that follow. This way, you will be able to get the garage door to work as it should.

6. Fix broken garage door motor

A broken or malfunctioning garage door motor may be a sign of a more serious problem. It may be connected to the door opener’s remote control or is disconnected. If you are unable to get into the garage or are unable to operate the door remotely, you should call a service provider.



Garage Door Not Opening problem can happen at time. So Often, these issues can be solved by yourself, and will save you a lot of money. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, you will be saving money while avoiding expensive repairs.


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