The Role of Nepal’s Best Embryologist in Building Families

The Role of Nepal’s Best Embryologist in Building Families

Monday, June 17, 2024

For the intricate and complex process of in vitro fertilization (IVF ), embryologists have one of the most important roles behind all the scenes in helping couples realize their dream of becoming parents.

Dr. Ram, one of Nepal’s renowned and highly recognized embryologists, provides the best medical practices and services to patients looking for IVF treatment. 

Who is an embryologist?

An embryologist is an essential component of reproductive medicine belonging, particularly when it comes to assisted reproductive technology (ART). For this specialized role, a doctorate or progressed master’s degree in embryology or a related field is often needed, as well as experience in the biological or medical fields.

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Everything that takes place with eggs, sperm, and embryos in an IVF lab is our responsibility; this includes obtaining and fertilizing eggs and developing and sending embryos. And the result of an IVF cycle is significantly affected by our competence and precision.

What role does an embryologist play in an IVF process?

In an IVF cycle, an embryologist has a range of duties that call for close attention to detail. Oocyte (Egg) gathering and evaluation: Our embryologists evaluate the aspirated follicular fluid to identify and safely isolate the eggs before transferring them into the laboratory incubators.

At the same time, one of our fertility consultants manages the egg collection process. Next, these eggs’ excellence and maturity are evaluated because they enormously impact the likelihood of successful fertilization and embryo development.

Preparing for sperm

At the same time that the female has her eggs extracted, either the donor sperm is defrosted or a sample of sperm from the male partner is obtained. After this process is carried out, the embryologist will wash the sample.

The process of washing out dead particles, including sperm and non-sperm cells from semen, is known as sperm washing.

Fertilisation and insemination

After the eggs are collected, we supervise the process of fertilization. This can be achieved either by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) if the number of sperm is low or if the sperm are having trouble penetrating the egg or by traditional insemination, where the eggs and sperm are simply mixed.

The sperm fertilizes the egg naturally (also referred to as IVF). A single sperm is directly injected into each egg throughout ICSI. When there are questions regarding the quantity or quality of the sperm, this technique is often used.

Evaluation and culture of embryos after fertilization

Our embryologists closely track the embryos in time-lapse incubators, replicating the conditions in a woman’s body. Dr Ram Prakash, the best embryologist in Nepal, takes pictures of the embryos every five minutes during this time, and we stitch them all together to make a timelapse video to monitor the embryos’ growth and development continuously. We grade the embryos according to several factors, such as morphology and division of cells rate.

An essential part of IVF

An embryologist’s responsibilities in an IVF cycle go far beyond the lab. The team’s knowledge, accuracy, and commitment are essential to our customer’s IVF journeys toward parenthood. Through the entire process of creating life, from the initial steps of preparing the sperm and eggs to the final stages of transferring an embryo and cryopreservation, embryologists operate carefully in the background of the process.

Why Did You Select Dr. Ram Prakash?

Ram Prakash: The first option should always be the renowned embryologist when considering an IVF treatment plan. But have you ever wondered why you need to consult with him before beginning your own IVF treatment regimen?

It would be the duty of an embryologist like Ram Prakash to focus on the cryopreservation of the remaining embryos produced during the current IVF procedure. High-quality embryos found but not moved are frozen for later use. Therefore, if you choose to try to conceive later, Ram Prakash, the best embryologist in Nepal, must help you with the dried food in the freezer.

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