Techpally hints Visibility index as Indicator for SEO success


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According to Tech pally business experts, the visibility index is ideal for measuring, evaluating and analyzing the success of a website in Google rankings. However, it is important to mention that the visibility index is only a metric to check the results of your own SEO work.

Just because the index value increases does not mean that the number of clicks and conversions will increase at the same time, says chaktty.

Content Visibility And Why It Matters In Marketing By
Content Visibility And Why It Matters In Marketing By

Some clarifications

You should also be careful with niche sites. Website operators of products for a special target group should not put too much analysis brain into their visibility index, since many tools hardly cover suitable keywords.

Speaking of my target group – good SEO work is based on working in a result- and customer-oriented manner.

It is important to consider which search terms the potential target group should use to come to my site in the organic search.

Let’s look back again, as we have already explained that for the calculation of the general visibility index, whether with Sistrix or in another tool.

According to businesspally, millions of data from thousands of keywords from very widely spread subject areas are included in the measurement.

It would therefore be more efficient to only include the keywords relevant to the customer and their product/service when determining the visibility index.

We use the Sistrix tool here and have a project visibility index determined for each customer project, on the basis of which we measure our SEO success, among other things.



Basically, this is the distinction between your own, project-related and public, general visibility.

The project visibility index is independent of the general visibility index because the project visibility index is calculated on the basis of a set of keywords specified by the customer.

For this purpose, a customer-oriented and target group-specific keyword set for the website is created in advance in cooperation with the experts of Techpally SEO agency.

As a result, the project visibility index has a relevance of 100% for your own website, including important niche keywords that might otherwise not be recorded.

This relevant project visibility index is viewed over time along with the client’s main competitors in the Google ranking, to derive concrete measures for the SEO work.

The project visibility index is also recalculated weekly and both rankings and the average monthly search volume are considered.

For comparison, the general visibility is less meaningful for your own website, since a lot of data points are collected and therefore there is less overlap in the relevance to your own website.

Since the measured keywords are not disclosed, we do not know how high the actual intersection with the own website is in terms of overall visibility.

Depending on the tool, visibility is recalculated weekly and can therefore be analyzed over time.

Rankings and the average monthly search volume are also taken into account.



With the project visibility, the success of the SEO measures and the effects of Google updates on the relevant keywords can be better analyzed and understood.


Differences General Visibility vs Project Visibility Index

The visibility index – regardless of whether it is general or project-related – needs to be correctly evaluated.

Google updates, seasonal requests and user experience, among other things, ensure that the Visibility Index is subject to fluctuations.

While the Visibility Index does not measure traffic, there is a correlation between the Project Visibility Index and the number of visitors to the site. Customer visibility history over the past year:

Project visibility shows a continuous increase, says chaktty.

The number of visitors to the site also shows an increase over time, and a correlation with the visibility of the project can be seen.

It is important to look at the Visibility Index over time and in comparison to the competition to see how keyword rankings are developing.

On the one hand, we can of course increase visibility by applying targeted optimization measures.

On the other hand, if there are major changes or a drop in visibility, we can see at a glance which keywords we need to investigate more deeply and take action on.



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