4 Things to think before Starting a Vending Machine Business


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According to reports and statistics, vending machines are expected to grow in the market in the upcoming years. After all, the vending machine business is highly profitable.

So, it is a good time for you to get into this business and make a vending machine your representative in the marketplace.

You might be surprised to know that Ireland has a wonderful and organized market for the services offered by vending machines. If you are interested, the country has a promising future in this trade line.

What’s more rewarding for a business of this niche is that you can make more out of it as generally, a vending machine doesn’t involve employees or secured business property to start off.

All you need is a small location – just some corner of the streets –  and you are good to go.

Vending machines are machines that dispense food or beverages; health products (such as napkins or sanitizers); gums and toys (for kids); and even other kinds of products, from affordable ones to expensive items; and many more when you offer money either physically or digitally to the machine.

The machine is going to dispense the item to you without human involvement (save upon the buyer).

Now, we are going to learn what you might need to give a thought to if you want to start a business of your own using one of these machines.

Consider 4 Points before You Start Your Vending Machine Business

We need money for this.

But we would like to talk about that later.

Starting off with a business of this kind needs insights. You need to know how a vending machine works. Then there are different kinds of these machines, and they obviously are fit for different purposes.

Based on the market and the products and, of course, your budget and business vision, you can choose a particular type of business using these machines.

This is what we are going to discuss in the following points.

Read them carefully.

For the money, you can talk to a direct lender to take out a small business loans in Ireland for startups.

  • Learn of the Machines
  • Make Your Market Research
  • Where Can You Install the Machine?
  • Finance It

Now you can sit back, relax and start reading about each and every point mentioned.

Learn of the Machines

There are a variety of vending machines in the market.

Based on the type of your machine, you can define your business. You can check out all of them before you make your purchase. All these machines are associated with different kinds of business plans and end goals.

So, here are some of the most used vending machines in Ireland that you might need to know

  • The most common machines are called the Food and Beverage Vending Machines. You can call them one of the most seen and used machines around the world.

All your customers need to do is slide in coins or notes to get the food or beverage that they want.

  • Next comes the Bulk Vending Machines, which are often considered the miniature version of the food and beverages vending machines, but they are way ahead of the competition.

They are smaller vending machines you can put up in retail or grocery stores or outlets. They work the same way as traditional vending machines, but customers will be offered only one product in the slot.

  • There is another type of vending machine that can be used in both ways, but they don’t have the option of digital money transactions. You can call them mechanical vending machines.
  • With Specialty Vending Machines, you offer the customer to purchase almost anything. They can choose to buy an electronic gadget or a burger using it. Plus, you can also add digital transaction features to these sorts of machines.

Customers may also swipe their credit cards as well. Since; larger and more customized purchases are made using this vending machine, its popularity is a bit lesser than the others. However, these machines are highly effective in doing business.

In order to make a choice about vending machines, just learning about machine won’t be enough. You also need to find the market statistics.

That is what we are going to learn in the next point.

Make Your Market Research

It is better to do market research before you buy the machine.

Using online tools and apps can get you more info about the market you are targeting.

While learning more about the markets, you can check out the vending machines that are already stationed in different locations.

Learn how they are doing their businesses and what solutions they are coming up with.

Market research is one of the most important areas to learn the probabilities of your trade. Learning more about the market is necessary if your trade is called vending machine business. 

Where Can You Install the Machine?

Just like setting up a physical outlet of a retail store or a toy shop for kids, you can make a vending machine be installed in a place where people come by and look for particular products.

For example, you can go with a food and beverage machine in the areas near grocery stores and bus or train stations because people think of food while visiting these locations.

And they do that because they need food.

Similarly, it is going to be a wise decision to offer products like gums and other kids’ products where you may find a lot of food and beverage machines to be already present.

A few areas you might consider are:

  • Bus and Train Stations
  • Hotels and Inns
  • Grocery Stores
  • Any Retail Stores
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing Units or Logistics Parks
  • Factories
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Amusement Parks

Again, comprehensive research to know more about these aspects is very important. So, do your research carefully and go for the chosen area for your vending machine business.

Finance It

Do you think that buying the machine is everything and you don’t have other costs involved?

Well, it is just like buying a car or a laptop. You need to invest a little in repair and maintenance.

Along with that, you need to pay business-related costs such as stocks etc.

Here is what you need to think about when costs are involved:

  • Purchasing Charge/ Price of the machine
  • Maintenance charge
  • Repair Costs
  • Tax
  • Stocks
  • Software Upgrade (for advanced machines)

If you do not have quick access to money, you can try taking out a short-term cash loans for business. These loans have a paperless application process, which may get you an amount faster.

To Conclude

Making your research is learning statistics is key for vending machine business.

So, invest both time and money in the research part and then go for the business agendas.

Your machine will do good business around it.






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