Setup Rockspace Extender By Re.rockspace.local


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Are you looking for information on your Rockspace extender configuration process by re.Rockspace.local setup? If so, then you must follow the configuring procedures. After this, we will tell you how you can change your credentials. You can complete this process with the help of the following guide.

Installation Technique

  1. An Ethernet wire is all that is required.
  2. The majority of the processed products include an Ethernet cable, but you will need to purchase a new one.
  3. Connect the extender’s internet port with the ethernet cable’s other end.
  4. The internet port is located conveniently on the back side of the rockspace extender. The remaining end will connect to the modem’s WAN and internet port.
  5. Now choose a different Ethernet cable that connects to the computer’s LAN and is convenient for you.
  6. Connect the LAN port of the extension with the ethernet cable’s opposite end. The LAN port often has a yellow color.
  7. You can operate your extender by using a power adapter. Place a plug adaptor in the range extender’s power slot, then bring it to an outlet in your house.
  8. It ought to be around halfway between there and your house. After the extender’s light begins to flicker steadily in solid white, you must activate the power button located behind the power slot.
  9. Now turn on your modem as well. In the plug that came primarily with the modem, insert the power line adapter.
  10. Your modem will turn on after the power wire connects to the power slot. Regardless of the LED’s brightness, the modem’s light should be constant.
  11. From the device to which your rockspace extender setup attaches, launch a web browser.
  12. Enter “re.rockspace.local” in the browser’s address bar. You’ll then arrive at the re.rockspce.local setup window after clicking the OK button.

Change In Default Credentials

1. SSID Or Password Changes:

You must change the username and password when you access the extender’s setup page. To create something different and special, you must alter your current credentials. Re.rockspace.local navigates directly to the menu’s administrative page from the configuration page. This option is available in the Rockspace Extender’s advanced panel settings.

  • Select the system tab, which is the next available option. The process of changing the Rockspace extender login information on your device is quite simple.
  • Additionally, you can modify the SSID of your Rockspace WiFi extender in this.
  • You need first modify your SSID. You can then enter your WiFi extender’s default username and password. To ensure accuracy and prevent typos, you should type your password twice.
  • To save all the changes to your Rockspace WiFi extender, tap on the software.
  • The SSID and password we use during the Rockspace extender setup procedure are not your wireless credentials, so take note of that.

Username Modification:

  • You will receive the information from the right panel once you successfully log in to the extender’s admin page.
  • Under the box for wireless name and SSID, you must type the new network name for your extender.
  • Enter the name you were unable to find in your location. Otherwise, you can become confused.
  • To configure the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands, the admin username is necessary.
  • Whether you wish to use the same user name for both bands or choose a different one is entirely up to you.
  • The settings that have been created for you can then be saved by clicking at any time during the procedure.


It is crucial to update your extender’s username and SSID after changing the password for the Rockspace extender login. When looking for a WiFi network in your house, that name appears in the list. You can do a find from the wirelessly connected device.

In Short

The information regarding setting up a Rockspace extender is provided in this article. Numerous suggestions are given in this post, to solve your Rockspace extender setup issue.

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