How To Buy Reed Concrete Pump Compatible To Your Needs?


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If you are into the construction business and need a concrete pump for pumping concrete in high-rise buildings, bridges, and backyard patios. Choosing the right concrete pump that matches their needs and requirements becomes necessary.

A good concrete pump is always the one that mixes the contents properly and saves you money and time. Always remember that productivity should be the ultimate result of your concrete pump. The pump that matches all my needs perfectly is the reed concrete pump. But, they are also available in a variety of options.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to choose the one that matches our needs. We have to choose from two types of pumps. The first is the truck-mounted pump, and the second is the line pump.

But, when you are looking for reed concrete pumps, then in that case truck-mounted pumps are a better option. It is because they give you high-rise applications and are useful for high-rise construction businesses.

A reed concrete pump is that one that has a large engine and an articulating arm that you can control by a remote. The arm can also be called a boom that helps you to place the concrete in the right place. Yes, the reed concrete pumps are quite costly, from about $375,000 to more than a million dollars.

Therefore, you cannot make any mistakes while choosing them. Reed pumps are useful for large-scale pumping where you need to cover a long distance. They are helpful when you have to pump out a high volume of concrete.


So, here are a few points to keep in mind while purchasing a reed concrete pump that suits your requirements.

How to Buy an Ideal Reed Concrete Pump?

Check the Location from the Concrete Delivery Area to the Placing Location

The distance from the area where the concrete is being mixed, and the delivery area to the location where you have to place the concrete, is an important factor in determining what type of pump would suit you the best. The distance will tell the size of the boom in the reed concrete pump that you are about to buy.

The pump that you are using to pour out the concrete should be flexible enough to carry the process easily. It should reach the horizontal distances as well as the length above and below the ground. And it is only possible to achieve if you have a flexible boom that manages to reach anywhere you want.

In the construction industry, the size of the boom determines how good your concrete pump is. The vertical range of the pump is between 77.8 feet to 161.1 feet. You can review the spec sheets as well to check the maximum horizontal and vertical length of the reed concrete pumps.


Whether the Pump can Handle Concrete Mix

The next factor to take under consideration is whether the reed concrete pump that you are purchasing can handle the mix well or not? In technical language, we call it the maximum aggregate size that a pump can handle.

The reed concrete pump can handle large coarse aggregate or, in numbers, we can say that it handles ¾ to 1 ½ inch of rock easily. The reed concrete pump is beneficial where we need to work with concrete slabs, shotcrete, and other concrete structures.

The Footprint

Another factor that can tell you whether you are buying the right concrete pump for your project or not is the footprint required to set up the equipment. Many construction sites are confined to a small space, for example, the busy urban areas.

Therefore, a pump that takes the minimum area possible and yet is good enough to reach the placing location will work the best for you. Therefore, if you work in urban settlements, then invest in that reed concrete pump that is small yet fulfills the distance requirements.


The Maintenance Cost

After investing an amount in buying a particular reed concrete pump. No one would wish to spend a lot on its maintenance. Customers always prefer to purchase a pump whose maintenance cost is less, and the prices of the worn parts are affordable.

Also, in maintenance, you need to take care of the easy availability of the worn parts of the concrete pump.

The additional feature to consider in a reed concrete pump include its design (which should be simple), the easy accessibility of the components, cleaning and maintaining the pump should be affordable, the materials used should be good quality so that they offer a long lifespan, and the reed concrete pump should come with warranty and a good past reputation.


The last lines,

I hope these factors help you to get the right reed concrete pump that matches your requirements.




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