Red Coral Gemstones -The Stone for Mangal Dosh

Red Coral Gemstones -The Stone for Mangal Dosh

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Red Coral gemstone is one of the most beautiful and beneficial gemstones of all time. This stone comes in a red color and is formed over hundreds of years in marine bodies by the skeletons of marine creatures known as coral polyps.

In astrology, the red coral gemstone is a stone in link with the astrological planet Mars. In Hindi, the red coral gemstone is popularly known as Moonga Ratna. This gemstone is known to have many powers and so it has the strength to change the life of the wearer.

In this article, we will learn all about the Red coral gemstone and the many advantages that it gives to the wearer.

Astrological Significance of the Red Coral Gemstone

An original red coral gemstone is in association with Mars. Mars in unfavorable conditions in one’s birth chart will bring an aggressive nature and violence, as well as cause troubles into the life of the person especially in their marriage.

And so to make Mars favorable to you, wearing a Moonga stone is recommendable. The stone’s positive energies will remove all the negative effects of Mars and will bring you optimistic and soothing vibes.

In India, the harmful effects of Mars are called the Mangal Dosh. Mars is known as Mangal. Hence to remove the Mangal dosh, an original Moonga stone has to be worn through a proper vedic pooja process. Consulting an astrologer before wearing a red coral stone is essential as the Pundit will check your birth chart and calculate an auspicious time and day which will be the best for you to perform the Pooja.

Also,  you should follow the proper procedure if you are doing the pooja at home by yourself. Know the complete method to activate your red coral gemstone here – How to Wear Moonga Stone?

There are also other benefits of the red coral stone which you can read in the section below.

Other Benefits of the Red Coral Stone

  • The red coral gemstone is a stone of protection, it guards the wearer against negative energies of all kinds like evil eyes, evil spirits, and bad omens.The stone will attract good luck and fortune to the life of the wearer.
  • Prosperity, success, and abundance will also come into your life through the positive energies of the red coral gemstone.
  • A Moonga stone will increase your creative thinking skills, communication skills, and self-expression as well. It will also open your mind to newer ideas.
  • The stone known as the Red Coral will also increase your self-awareness. This helps you get to know yourself better and make decisions based on your own analysis.
  • Your intuition and psychic powers will also enhance. These are helpful for you as your gut feelings will tell you right from wrong around your surroundings.
  • It will also increase your mental clarity and help you overcome emotional turmoils. It will decrease your stress and anxiety as well as depression and loneliness. It will give you self-assurance and self-belief. And it will also bring you peace and calmness.
  • The stone will also decrease nightmares, and help cure any problems if you have trouble with sleeping patterns.
  • The red coral gemstone also has spiritual benefits as it connects the person with the spiritual realms of the universe. It opens your mind and connects your body and soul to the higher powers of God.

Healing Properties of the Red Coral Stone

The red coral stone will improve your health and overall well-being. Because its powers will also flow through your body and have an impact. This energy flow in the form of vibrations which are connected to the cosmic energies will increase your energy levels and improve your endurance powers.

Also, an original Moonga Ratna will cure any diseases or problems related to the respiratory system. It will also maintain the health of your heart and will help in keeping the blood circulation intact. The health of your bones will also improve by the energies of the red coral gemstone.



The Red coral gemstone is the most known stone in the world in astrology. This is because it is used to remove the negative effects of Mars. Mars is a planet when it is in a negative position can cause you much trouble.

Red coral removes all the negative effects from your life on the astrological planet as well as shields you from other harmful energies. The stone will also give you the strength and courage to face your fears.


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