The Pl-Mini 2 Valkyrie Lightweight Compact Pistol Weapon


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Small handguns, weapon-mounted lights, and miniature red-dot sights are just a few of the remarkable defensive handgun innovations that have emerged in the last few years (MRDS).

As the demand for concealed carry handguns has grown, smaller versions of popular defensive pistols have appeared from almost every manufacturer.

Pistol Lights Mounted On A Weapon

Due to the widespread availability of weapon-mounted lights, many small handguns have an accessory rail as standard equipment. However, because of necessity, most are shortened versions that cause problems with fit. Because of proprietary rail designs, newer small pistol weapon lights may be expensive and may not fit every compact handgun.

The Pl Mini 2 Valkyrie Lightweight Compact Pistol Weapon
The Pl Mini 2 Valkyrie Lightweight Compact Pistol Weapon

Here’s what happened when I tried mounting the rail of my S&W M&P 1st Gen with a tiny light attached to the rail. It didn’t work out. The light slammed against the trigger guard, preventing the cross-slot of the rail from being engaged.


A comparable 2.0 M&P performed better, allowing for more clearance and more secure closure. No rail on my S&W Shield, but the rail on a similar-sized Springfield Armory 3.3 XD 9mm failed miserably since it was too short. The variety of lighting and weapon brands just adds to the confusion. An ultra-compact pistol weapon light with respectable power and adaptability has become necessary.

About The Final Product,

“Lumen” ratings have become a deciding element in many people’s lives, even if other considerations exist. We’ll go with ’em here for the sake of simplicity. For comparison, a few years ago, I provided weapon lights to around a hundred members of my agency’s plainclothes force. QD units rated at 100 lumens were quite modest at the time. Despite this, they were regarded as very bright and helpful for exploring interior areas, for example. They now resemble antiquities.

In addition to being smaller, the new light that caused me installation issues is capable of producing 1300+ lumens, which is plenty for welding. Sadly, it is not compatible with my firearm.

After the introduction of an even smaller light, rated at 600 lumens, the situation improved. That’s a six-fold increase in production compared to what my agency was able to achieve in real-world circumstances. Favorite feature: It seems like it will go with anything that has a rail.

Let Us Introduce You To The PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie From Olight.

Olight’s latest model was found on my front porch when temperatures were below freezing. The first thing that struck me was its minuscule size. The second thing that drew my attention was its quality; it was little, but not chintzy. The third thing to note was the creative way it was mounted.


The PL-PRO Vakyrie’s little brother, the PL-PRO Valkyrie Mini, is a smaller version of this light. The Olight Discount Code (see Drew’s evaluation of it) is in a better location. Like the Olight Freyer (see Derrick’s evaluation of it), it’s considerably different from this one. The PL-MINI 2 is the smallest pistol weapon light available.


The “icing on the cake” was the quantity of light this small machine could produce. Even though it came out of the package looking like an ice cube and with a dubious charge, its power was nonetheless remarkable. There were a few essential accessories and instructions in many languages in the box.


The PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie, wrench, 1913 and screw, MCC Special (Magnetic Charging Cable), and the user manual are all included in the package.

Details Of The Project

As the “world’s first rechargeable light with an adjustable rail,” it is rated for 600 lumens at its brightest setting. The beam is advertised as having a throw distance of 100 meters, which is more than enough for most defensive situations. Using a QD lever, the light may be moved forward or backward on a separate mounting chassis. As with a rifle sight that may be moved into its mounting rings before establishing a final position, this principle is similar to this. Clever!



The entire weight of the Valkyrie is about 2.57 ounces. The total length of the device is 2.07 inches in its most compact form. Tail pads on each side of the torso may be pressed down to activate either a brief or full-on activation.


For a little time, press and hold. Tap to keep it on all the time. While the light is being mounted, it is simple to get the desired reach.



The Mini Valkyrie comes with a Glock rail or a Picatinny rail adapter. Opening its lever allows two jaws to extend apart, which locks onto a rail as it does so. When the light is mounted, a tiny lug on the base contacts a cross slot. When the lever is closed, all movement is halted.


The light comes with two lugs: one for Glocks (which is already fitted) and another for Picatinny slots. Two little screws and an Allen wrench are all that are needed to swap them out. Even if there are a few more screws included, I’d still be cautious about where I installed the switch so that the little bits wouldn’t vanish.

Pistols Of A Smaller Caliber

I retrieved the 1st Generation M&P, hoping for the best. Even though the Mini Valkyrie was able to sneak right on, it ended up too much in front of the rest of the pack. When I closed the throwing arm, I simply moved the light portion backward to the trigger guard till it abutted.


Trigger fingers were now perfectly situated to press both activation paddles. When I needed to get rid of the light, all I had to do was swing out the throwing arm and grab it from the gun.

First impressions of the 3.3 Springfield XD Compact was not good. There’s a front cross-slot and a short rail. It turned out, however, that reversing the technique was all that was required for mounting.


The light was pushed forward on its bracket and secured providing optimal access to the pads to accommodate the XD.


What’s More Important: Lowering The Price Or Obtaining Better Quality?

Its price is maybe the nicest surprise. Olight’s PL-Valkyrie 2 is available in black, desert tan, and OD green for $89.95, respectively. Similar prices were found after a short search on Amazon. I was expecting a higher price tag given its aluminum composition. Only the switch paddles looked to be made of plastic. The literature indicates a one-meter drop rating. The two-year warranty is stated on the product’s packaging.


A design like this, of course, requires a way to recharge it. Since the charging device is proprietary, even with a reliable AC supply, it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup. There is no way to tell how long the battery will last. For a relatively low price, it may be possible to purchase a full spare unit of the light.

The End Of The Compact Pistol Weapon

The PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie offers a lot for the price. It’s tiny yet versatile, easy to use, and seems to be well-built. As a result, it addresses the problem of small-pistol fit, while still providing reliable performance.


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