Massey Ferguson 385 tractor with modern & first-class machinery


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Massey Ferguson 385 2WD Tractor is heavy-duty farming challenges and  Malik Agro Industries is a company that offers Massey Ferguson 360 farming apparatus to farmers at a loyal cost.

Massey Ferguson 385 2wd:

Massey Ferguson 385 2wd tractor is the most existing and yet the most reliable price in this variety of tractors. MF 385 is invented to be the extended-term spy of the farmers due to its power, fuel skill, grip and research speed, consistency, and forte.

Massey Ferguson 385 2WD Tractor is one of the most monitoring and heavy-duty farming challenges. Due to its best robustness, MF 385 can be your extended-term buddy for your farming odd trades. Unrelatedly of being the most influential and strong tractor, yet it is one of the most sensibly priced products by Massey Ferguson.

Massey Ferguson, a wide-reaching brand of Malik Agro Industries, has visible a new variety of 50hp-85hp tractors for chosen African and Middle East markets. The most up-to-date move will go with make stronger its manufactured possessions offering in the lower HP tractor zone in these lands and put forward a wider other to farmers looking for a robust and reliable, versatile engine.

In addition, to set off with these new MF 300 Series tractors, an advanced lineup of Massey Ferguson-branded devices is being visible for the area. We will happily welcome you to offer that stated product as you want at inexpensive prices.

Special information about MF 385 Tractors:

Massey Ferguson 385 tractor has a superior size as related to the other tractors which are obtainable in the market. This tractor has hydrostatic direction-finding. It produces the main output. It has several indicators that leave with an alarm in unembellished situations.

It has a premium transmitter that helps in enthralling the brake. Massey Ferguson 385 is a quick-speed tractor in the market owing to its exclusive features. If you want to get prices, apparatuses, parts, farming tools of tractors, and Massey Ferguson models call us.


  • Top Link
  • Cat-I & II Balls
  • Check Chains
  • Chain Stabilizers
  • Spring Suspension Seat
  • Weight Frame without Weights
  • Standard Tool Box with Set of Tools
  • Flat Top Fenders &
  • Operator’s Manual

Massey Ferguson 85 prices:

MF 385 Tractor Price is a small enhancement to dabung 85 tractors.  Reservation of MF 385 is leaving on all South Africa and Pakistan agreement systems of TRACTORS MASSEY. After receiving the full fee tractor will be elated within 3 months of duration/period. MF 385 tractor 2WD price may increase at the end of this year; we will bring informed this page stated that.

Here are 5 tips from Malik Agro Industries to check your machine this winter.

  1. A fuel Stabilizer is significant to add to the gas tank if gas is going to be left for a long period. Old gas without a stabilizer makes your apparatus firmer to start and can cause accumulation in your engine.
  2. Check your battery control. Malik Agro Industries suggests separating your battery during the winter to combat cold temperatures. It’s also vital to check the custody before your first mow of the season.
  3. Sharpen mower blades earlier, the first cut of the year. Sharp blades make a cleaner cut and a more even lawn. This can be completed with a metal file or by a Malik Agro Industries
  4. Clean your deck of built-up remains. The lawn trimmings and mud-caked under the level can cause rust and impediments to the expulsion chute while mowing.
  5. Check spark plugs, filters, and oil. These may want to be different after a full season of use, as dirty or aged parts can decrease the competence of your machine. A Home Upkeep Kit from Malik Agro Industries contains all the filters, oil, and spark plugs desirable for your MF lawn equipment.

Order Online with our Virtual Parts Counters, or stop by a store to stock up on parts to service your machine at home. Malik Agro Industries is a company that offers Massey Ferguson 360 farming equipment to agriculturalists at a steady cost. Or schedule full-service winter preservation and save up to 20% off our standard service price.




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