Knee Arthroscopy: Smaller  Surgery For Big Knee Problems 

Knee Arthroscopy: Smaller  Surgery For Big Knee Problems 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Knee Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure with the help of it. The orthopedic surgeon treats several knee injuries and disorders by making small incisions. An arthroscope is a petite tiny camera inserted into the knee joints by orthopedic doctors to look into knee joint injuries at a specific position and take images for further surgical operation and the instrument to use. 

Orthopedic surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery with some minor cuts instead of larger incisions with the help of an arthroscope, which patient will experience less pain and stiffness around their knee joint, and it will help them also to recover more fastly,  return to their daily activities and gain range of motion very soon.

For the prices of arthroscopy surgery in Delhi, you can consider Dr Rajesh Malhotra, who offers the best medical treatment and medication with his skills and high experience in Orthopaedic surgeries. 

In case other options the surgery fails to provide relief from the severe pain condition of my disorder, the Orthopaedic surgeon recommended arthroscopy treatment for the patient. Joint knee arthroscopic treatments include:

Meniscus organ transplantation, meniscectomy (removal of the meniscus), and meniscus repair fix of an anterior or rear cruciate ligament that was damaged or torn, taking out the inflammatory synovial tissue 

The reconstruction of or trimming of injured articular cartilage removal of loose cartilage or bone pieces, among them those caused by synovial chondromatosis Treatment over patellar (kneecap) issues The knee sepsis treatment (getting infected)

What methods and processes are required to recover from knee surgery

After the knee arthroscopy is completed, the rehabilitation process is carried forward. Depending on their medical condition after treatment, the patient is kept in the hospital for hours or days. Rehabilitation processes also include returning to their home in hours or days when the patient is fit and finds time to go after the treatment. Furthermore, if the patient is returned home, the orthopedic surgeon gave some critical points and methods to follow, which are given below carefully.

Pain Control

Following surgery, there will be some discomfort. This is an ordinary phase of recovery. To help you recover quickly from your surgery, the surgeon and the nurse will try to help you by providing medications. Moreover, to handle pain, many high-dosage drugs can be used, such as local anesthesia and opioids. To reduce the need for opioids while improving pain relief, your doctor might mix these prescription medications.

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Your doctor can give aspirin or another medication to reduce the risk of bleeding in addition to drugs for pain. 

Swelling After surgery 

Keep your leg as high as possible for the first few days. As directed by your physician, apply ice to reduce pain and swelling. What you do throughout the procedure will determine how you will bear weight afterward.

Bearing Weight

After arthroscopic surgery, a majority of patients require a crutch or other assistance. When it’s correct to put weight on your foot and leg, your surgeon will advise you. Give your surgeon a call when you have any questions regarding bearing weight.

Exercises for Rehabilitation 

After surgery, you should regularly exercise with your knee. Your leg and knee muscles will become more vital as your range of motion is restored.

Therapeutic exercise will significantly impact your capacity to recover. An organized physical therapy program might enhance your outcome. 


When you can drive, your physician should be able to address it. If the procedure is minor, patients can usually resume driving one to three weeks after the procedure. More extensive repairs or reconstructions could need more time.

Why Choose Dr Rajesh Malhotra?

Dr Rajesh Malhotra from Rajouri Garden Delhi is known for providing various types of need disorders and other joint-related disorders and performing minimally invasive surgeries. 

For the knee arthroscopy surgery cost in Delhi, you can rely on Dr Rajesh Malhotra clinic, where you will get the best budget-friendly price options for your treatment with procreative care from the staff member and the best treatment from the clinic’s medical professionals. 

Other types of replacement at Dr Rajesh Malhotra’s clinic are knee replacement, total knee replacement,  shoulder replacement, and many more. The clinic is known to provide a variety of solutions for both nonsurgical and surgical operations. 

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