7 Instagram product Photography Tips to be known

Instagram Product Photograpy Tips

7 Instagram product Photography Tips to be known

Product photography has changed the way we think of online shopping. Today many online shoppers don’t even need to step out of the house. They can just take a look at pictures of products on the internet and buy them online. Know the Instagram product Photography Tips at your fingers

With smartphones emerging as the most essential element in everyday life, mCommerce or mobile commerce is gaining overwhelming popularity. With the advent of high-end technology and high-speed internet, the shopping experience has now encountered an overall alteration.

Sellers had started to invade the eCommerce market long back but with smartphones gracing every individual with its presence, the social media platforms are the new marketplace. Facebook and Instagram have become a common space for sellers and buyers from around the globe.

Millennials, the most loyal purchasing force, and the tech-savvy generation remain the target buyers of smart sellers. The targeted audience is now behind those 6.2” screens scrolling through different apps and suddenly making up the mind to purchase.

Although eCommerce and mCommerce are quite beneficial for sellers, it is to be remembered that selling online requires some smart investment. More over need to Instagram product photography tips and ideas .

Instagram-product-photography 7 Instagram product Photography Tips to be known

instagram product photography


Being an online seller comes with inevitable setbacks, you can reach out to the buyers only through the images and videos of your product. Website Product Photography and Social Media Product Photography are the key to sell products online.

So, if you are a seller and planning to sell on Instagram, here are certain tips on how to ace digital marketing.

What is Instagram marketing?

Over the years Instagram has become a global platform for brands to humanize their content and showcase their products. Sellers and Brands can also use this visual platform to create brand awareness and introduce new launches.

To remain engaging and active on Instagram it is essential to post regularly and also to keep up with the trends and trending hashtags. Another important marketing idea for Instagram is to engage creators with your product.

Many brands are also using the platform to keep their brand noticed, they promote their products through motivational quotes and opinions. However, the most popular use of Instagram among sellers is to post those images that attract the attention of buyers.


Tips for Instagram Product photography:

It is to be remembered that the quality of the product photography directly affects the perceived quality of the product and so it is necessary to upload quality images for Instagram marketing. These Instagram product Photography Tips should  be known

Check out the lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. Natural light is the best source for lighting, however, there are certain tricks and turns to using natural light for photography. Moreover, we need to be aware of not overexposing our images by direct sunlight.

Windows are the best source of using natural light for photography. In the absence of natural light, proper studio lighting can be useful to create those high resolution images highlighting product specifics.

Backgrounds do the magic

A clean and clutter-free background is what makes your product stand out. There are many options of seamless photo backdrop paper available to create those perfect clicks for your products, however, if the background color is concerned then any neutral color is the best option for you.

Styled Photos combined with Lifestyle Photos

Styled Photos are the product photos where the main idea is to highlight the product by intentionally placing them as props. These images grab the attention of the buyers but using them in lifestyle photos makes the products more relatable to the audience.

In lifestyle photos, the products are presented as being used by a person as a means to highlight its uses. So, to advertise your products it is essential that you adapt both the styles and then access the audience’s reaction to your post and choose the style more popular as the primary way of endorsing your product.


It is very important to maintain consistency throughout the Instagram posts, it should be posted at regular intervals to keep the profile engaging, and also a consistent style in photographing the products is important to visually tie things together. Moreover maintaining a consistent style creates a cohesive look for your brand page.

Macro shots

Macro shots are a great asset if you are creating a series of photos for the same product, the trick is to highlight the tiniest of details.

Place products over reflected surface

Reflection adds depth to the images and can make a boring image appear interesting. Using photo manipulation to create a reflection on water can do the trick.

Humanizing Products

Creating a story around the product and adding characters to it can grab the audience’s attention. Humanizing the products is a great way to connect with potential buyers.

To conclude

These tips can guide you through the way to Instagram Product Photography and pave the way for creating a brand presence on Instagram. All you need is a proper DSLR camera and the correct angle to showcase your product.

There are also many outsourcing options available in Product Photography in Los Angeles who know exactly what your brand requires and all you need to do is brief them about your requirements. These 7 Instagram product Photography Tips will make you more professionals.

Have a product? What are you waiting for? Get your camera and mark your brand’s Instagram presence and reach out to millions of Instagrammers.



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