Step-by-Step Guide To Drastically Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic

Step-by-Step Guide To Drastically Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic is not so difficult, you can do it with good passion on your website

Millions of sites are running on the WordPress platform, and thus growing your WordPress site traffic can be a daunting task. You can find tens to hundreds of tactics, following which you can learn about the ways to boost traffic of your site.

Also, there are plenty of articles that explain strategies to drive traffic. But the problem is, you won’t have enough time to do this.

Now, you probably may be wondering how you can double your website traffic without doing much. To help you out, I’ve created a step-by-step approach for you to follow that will enable you to increase traffic to your site.

6 Steps To Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic:

Step 1 – Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Remember that none of the strategies to boost your website traffic will prove successful, unless you’ve chosen your keywords wisely.

But, an unfortunate reality is that the majority of people use the “Google Keyword Suggestion tool” to see if the keywords of their choice are competitive and have high search value or not.

And end up choosing the keywords that matches with their competitors – who usually are more established and can spend more money in running promotional campaigns.

Some WordPress site owners, on the other hand, prefer searching for low-competition keywords. The problem with using those keywords is that they aren’t searched enough and won’t help build traffic.

So, the first thing you should so to double the traffic of your site is to carefully search for the keywords that your target audience would likely type in, and will find your site in search results.

For example, if you are working for the iPhone name keywords then  funny iPhone names can be the targeted keyword to get good audiences and by using this you can Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic slowly .

Step 2 – Commit To Writing: On a Set Schedule

Merely deciding that you’ll write posts frequently to attract target traffic won’t work, as you may spend more time making up reasons as to why you can write today – and chances that one day will turn into the next day and so on.

Simply put, it is important for you to schedule your posts based on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (especially when you’re running a multi-author WordPress blog).

But, keep in mind that you should be concerned with “quality” and not the quantity of the post alone. For instance, if you can only write two or three posts in a week, then make sure to stick to that schedule. Sticking like this can Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic dramatically .

Fortunately, there is an excellent plugin called Editorial Calendar that helps in creating a schedule of all your website posts according to your schedule.

Step 3 – Free Giveaways Worth Giving

Many site owners choose to offer free giveaways, so as to build their email list. However, only a few of them creates a giveaway that is truly worth giving – something of interest to users, and that somehow add value to their lives. You can offer giveaways by asking your visitors (and customers) to sign-up for your email newsletter.

But, do remember that users won’t sign-up to your email list simply because they like you (except for your closed ones); they’ll only sign up for your newsletters when you can help them solve their problem.

Of course, you cannot help your audience unless you know about their problem. In fact, you need to what issues they’re facing to create a giveaway that can help them deal with those issues. You can find out about your user’s problems, by conducting a survey and asking people to answer some specific questions.

Step 4 – Create Your Social Media Profile

This is the most obvious one, you should have social media accounts as they can help you expand your reach to your target audience in a hassle-free manner. So once, you’ve written a couple of topics and scheduled them to be published in your blog, start creating your social media profile (if you don’t have one).

A lot of WordPress site owners often make the mistake of waiting, for creating a social presence, until they’re ready with a pile of content.

Well, you’ll always feel short of content, or you may believe that your content is not good enough to be posted on your social media accounts.

But that is something you should get out of your head, since your users want to read and hear – what you have to say or share. Moreover, the more time you’ll take in building up your social presence, the more chances your competitors will get to capture your audience.

Step 5 –  Opt For Guest Posting

Though most of the people consider guest posting as one of the excellent methods for increasing site traffic, yet only a few people actually follow it. Guest post help to Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic too.

The best aspect about the guest post contribution is that, it does not only provide backlinks, but also help you reach out to users – that you might not have been able to get in touch with regardless of your best efforts.

When asking for guest authors to submit their blogs on your site, be sure to include blogging guidelines to filter out unqualified applicants.

No matter how great a guest blog may be, make sure to go through it once and check if the formatting of the post is correct or not. Also, check out if there are enough images added in the post. If not, make those corrections and publish the guest blogs.

Step 6 – Provide Room For Commenting

Some site owners think of blog commenting to be an old-fashioned strategy – that can’t help in building backlinks from Google anymore. Commenting on different blog post can Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic.

While it’s true that posting comments on any blog won’t help in creating backlinks, but simply taking a few minutes to comment on a few niche blogs belonging to your industry will not spread your name, but can also help in bringing traffic to your website.

What’s more? Blog commenting even help in building relationships with fellow commenters, and more importantly, the blog owner.


Hope that following the above-mentioned steps, help you in doubling your WordPress site traffic successfully.


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