Idioms with Meaning that Relate to Weather !


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Idioms with meaning are lots and are good at writing and speaking english, among which the weather idioms are useful .

Well, well! Guess what! It is the holiday season and everyone is out there planning to go on vacations and enjoy the cold drinks, but do you know that summer is an annual function which is going to fall every year and even if you do not go on your vacays this year, maybe you will get the chance next year or the following one.

However, one thing is for sure that happens throughout the year that is learning. Your learning should take place regardless of what calendar month it is, but you should not consider the weather a drawback in your learnings.

It can be fun when you have the right approach for learning. There are some phrases that we have brought for you to learn to use in the summer and spice up your learning of the Spoken English.

These Idioms with Meaning can be used in your daily life sentences, and they are not really difficult to learn once you get hold of it.

Idioms With Meaning Related To Weather
Idioms With Meaning Related To Weather

Idioms with Meaning relating to Weather

Keep out of the sun:

This idiom is used when you remain or keep something unexposed or out of reach of everyone.

New parents keep their children out of the sun lest they should catch an evil eye.

The sun is in your eyes:

This idiom is quite interesting as it can be used for the people who are drunk.

My friend likes to drink so much that he always has the sun in his eyes.

Glorious weather:

You can use this idiom to express your joy for the pleasant weather when you can go out and have fun along with your friends. It is especially used to describe the weather when it is sunny.

I want to go fishing this weekend and would pray for it to be glorious weather because I would not like to waste my hard-earned holiday this summer.


Feel the heat:

You can use this idiom for your friends who do not like quite hot or rather cold weather because they have issues with both of them.

You are going to the beach, but do not take your children along because, their skin is not so rough, and they may feel the heat.

Dive into water:

When you suffer from such a scorching heat, this can be the best thing that you would like to do and this idiom itself explains it all. When you jump into the water and your head and arms go into it the first, this idiom can be used to perfectly explain the scene.

I am fond of swimming and whenever I go to the swimming pool, the first thing I do is dive into water, and then I care about changing my clothes because water is something I am not afraid of.

Dog days of summer:

It is used to express the hottest days of the summer. Originally, this idiom was used by the Greek people to express their hatred to such hot summers as they would be.)

I used to go out in the sun to play with my friends when I was a kid. I can not believe that I used to play all day long in the dog days of summer without any issue and here I am now when I can not live without the air conditioner for a moment.

Full of hot air:

This is not what it seems because this idiom is used to express the disbelief in someone’s word when you think that they are bluffing and everything they say, or they have said is completely exaggerated and has no ground in reality.

I do not like to talk to her because all of her talks are full of hot air. It would be really foolish to believe her.

Rain cats and dogs:

These Idioms with Meaning is with expression that is widely used to show the agony of the rain because rain has been historically one of the reasons where we people have to abort our plans of outing, and we can not do anything about it.

I was planning to play cricket today, but I had to cancel my plan because it has been raining cats and dogs since morning, and it is not going to stop soon. I think I should not even think about going out today in such a heavy downpour.



These Idioms with Meaning are good at writing a piece for you. These above-mentioned whether idioms are great and  will make your English writing perfect. They can be used in speech as well




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