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Nepali Movie “Gorkhey” is New Nepali movie recently released online. This Nepali movie is long time awaited movie which is about the five young people and their dreams as Gurkha army in British .

Gorkhey” are generally the people from the Gorkha or the Nepal. “Gorkhe” or “Gurkhas” are popular all over the world due to their courageous and fearless combat solider in British Gurkha solider. They are popular for the loyalty and bravery all over the world. SO, the  Gurkhas are the soldiers from Nepal who are recruited into the British Army. They are called as Gurkhas Army and also called as “Lahure” in Nepal locality.

This “GORKHEY” New Nepali movie is the best Nepali film presented by Hari Lama under the banner of Koju Entertainment which is produced by Tirtharam Koju and Hari Thapa and directed by Kimmat Gautam

Rabindra Pratap Sen, Arjun Gurung, Anjali Adhikari, Ashmi Shrestha, Ashmi Lama, Angel Shrestha and Baldip Rai are starred as lead role in this New Nepali Movie.


Watch the best Nepali movie “Gorkhey” which is story of Nepali people to become the Gurkha army in British with the good social message. This movie is embedded form YouTube by Budha Subba Digital Channel.

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