How to Draw Beans step by step (Easy Method)

How to Draw Beans step by step (Easy Method)

Learn how to draw beans with this easy step by step drawing tutorial for kids. This is the best method for drawing beans.

Learn how to draw beautiful beans with cool drawings instructions easily and step by step and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful bean design. Beans are plant seeds in the legume family. Worldwide, many varieties of beans are grown for food. They are wealthy in protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Often the seeds are dry for subsequent cooking; sometimes, the entire seed pod is consumed, as in the case of green beans. Beans can push like shrubs or climb vines. Soy is the most abundant bean in the world; Millions of people eat beans, Edam me, or other soy products, such as tofu. “Beans, beans, musical fruits.” said a childhood nursery rhyme. Do the beans cause flatulence? They do. The beans carry a sugar named oligosaccharide.

Human beings do not have the enzyme necessary to digest this sugar, so bacteria do the work for us. In turn, these bacteria produce gas methane as a byproduct, which can upset the body. You can include beans in the corner of the abundance of the autumn harvest. Beans have been included for a long time in art.

An example is the painting that the canoe by Italian artist Annibale Carracci ended around 1590. It’s time to reap her skills and draw realistic cartoon grains.

This easy step tutorial per step of drawing in the step will show how. All you need is a pen, pencil or marker, a sheet of paper, and maybe something you are ending with color.

Drawing Beans is difficult because of the inherent difficulty in creating bean shapes. However, you can learn how to draw beans step by step in this article.


Easy steps to Draw Beans

Step 1:drawing a long curved line

Start by drawing a long curved line to describe one side of the bean pod. This is the first step to Draw Beans . At one end, use curved lines and lines of lines in soft points to form the separation and the stem in the shape of a leaf.

Step 2:Draw a series of curved lines

Use curved lines that overlap to draw the side near the wavy side of the bean pod. Must respond to the anterior curved line at one point. Draw a series of curved lines in the center of the pod.

Step 3: draw the second pod 

Continue the central lines for separation. Then start drawing the second pod of partially hidden beans behind the first. Describe the top of the pod using a “U” shape line and draw a curved line at the bottom of the center. Then use curved line pairs to block separation and rod.

Step 4: draw the remaining bean pod

On the process to draw beans, Use two wavy curved lines to draw the remaining bean pod. Let the lines meet at a fast point. Draw curved lines in the center of the pod.

Step 5: drawing a third bean clove

Start drawing a third bean clove. Use curved lines of lines to draw the stem and separations. Then use curved lines that overlap to sketch the curved side of the bean pod.

Step 6: Draw a curved line in the middle of the pod

Keep drawing the pod’s side and use curved lines that overlap to draw the opposite side. Let the lines meet at one point. Draw a curved line in the middle of the pod; It should also end at the pointed tip.

Step 7: Put the bean shapes in the pod 

Put the bean shapes in the pod using overlapping curved lines. This is an easy and important step you have to follow when you draw beans.

Step 8: Details the peaks of beans 

Details the peaks of beans with curved lines. Note the darkest central section of each line. Then draw beans that have already been removed from your pods.

Step 9:  Use more curved lines 

Use curved lines to describe more beans. They detail the individual grains with curved lines along the back side. Again, note the darkest part of the line.

Step 10: Color the cartoon grains

Color your cartoon grains. Bean pods can be green, brown, yellow, red, or purple. Grains are also available in many varieties. Some are black, white, green or black brown. Others are identified as cows or striated with bright colors.

Video on How to draw bean

Video learning for drawing can be easy to learn, too. This video will help you to learn to draw beans surly.


These above easy and handy steps are known about How to Draw Beans step by step. Drawing beans using this easy and simple method that requires just few  above-mentioned simple steps. In gist, The secret to drawing beans is this. Draw an outline of the bean, then fill in the rest of the shape with the same kind of beans.


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